Recently Updated Slang Terms

  • FFS

    An acronym for the slang phrase "For Fuck's Sake". Used to express disbelief.
  • Mississippi Milkshake

    A slang term for a sexual act in which semen is ejaculated into an anus and then extracted into a container and then consumed by both parties.
  • Dumpster Fire

    A slang term for a complete disaster or huge mess that is so difficult to deal with, nobody wants to fix it.
  • Pennywise

    One name for the main antagonist in Stephen King's horror novel It. The cosmic evil entity preys on children in the town of Derry, Maine, and can take the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
  • Dick Pic

    A slang term for a picture of a penis.
  • Anime Girl

    A slang term for a girl who talks about anime, Japenese animation, frequently.
  • FetLife

    The name of a social network for people who are into BDSM, Fetishism, or many other kinks.
  • BreadTube

    A slang term for an informal group of online content creators that provide educational lectures revolving mostly around left-wing perspectives, from socialism to anarchism. The name comes from Peter Kropotkin's "The Conquest of Bread", a staple of political anarchists literature released in the late 1800s.

    A slang term for a white person. First recorded in the 1400s, the term has many supposed origins, including "cracker of the whip", corn-cracker (whites needed to crack their own corn after the end of slavery), or "cracker of jokes".
  • FUPA

    A slang acronym for "Fat Upper Pubic Area". Describes how some people's bodies store fat in this area.
  • EMO

    A slang abbreviation of "emotional". This can describe a person, a style of aesthetic, or a genre of music.
  • DDLG

    A slang acronym for "Daddy Dom / Little Girl". A type of BDSM relationship (though not always sexual in nature) in which one person is a caregiver, or "daddy", and the other acts immature, or "little".
  • Masterbation

    A common misspelling of the term masturbation, which is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals.
  • Lemonparty

    A slang term for a website of the same name that has an image of a gay orgy involving several older men. The name does not hint at what the image will be, so people would send links to the site on older messaging platforms to shock and frustrate people and friends.
  • Muff

    A slang term for a woman's vagina or pubic area.
  • Cleveland Steamer

    A slang term for a sexual act where a person poops on someone's chests, sits on the mess, and rolls back and forth in it, like a steamroller.
  • YOLO

    An acronym that stands for "You Only Live Once". You say it when you're appreciating life or doing something new or adventurous.
  • Masochist

    A term for person who feels sexual or other gratification from suffering physical pain or humiliation.
  • Mamacita

    A Mexican slang term that translates to "hot momma", though literally this means "little mother". This word is laden with sexual overtones.
  • Gekyume

    A slang term coined by the late American rapper XXXTentacion that means "higher plane of thought or being". He formed the word by using names from Kingdom Hearts, his favorite video game series. His girlfriend named their son after the word after his death in 2018.
  • Dick Cheese

    A slang term for a smegma, which is the secretion in folds of skin, especially under a man's foreskin.
  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    The output if you hit every letter key, left to right, on a QWERTY keyboard. Usually expresses complete boredom or unproductivity, as you fiddle on your keyboard.
  • Kahoot Names

    A reference to the online classroom platform Kahoot, in which students pick their name. Students will attempt to sneak funny or dirty names past the teacher. Some examples are: Eric Chin, Ben Dover, Anita Fuch, Jenny Taila
  • Bruh Moment

    A slang term for any moment that elicits the reaction "bruh", an exasperated version of "bro". Usually shows shock, awe, or complete disbelief.
  • Wack

    A slang term for something that is unsavory or "off". Usually used to expression something is unagreeable.

    A line from the Japanese manga/anime series "Fist of the North Star" that translates to "You're already dead". Said when victory is imminent.
  • no u

    A slang rebuttal that is universal, ending any argument it is used in.
  • Tramp Stamp

    A derogatory slang term for a tattoo placed on the lower back, just above the butt.
  • Twat

    A slang term a woman's vagina or vulva.
  • Asshole

    A slang term to describe an inconsiderate, arrogant, or rude person.
  • PIMP

    An acronym for the slang phrase "Peeing In My Pants" — used to express how funny or terrifying you find something.
  • Dub

    A slang term for the letter "W" which has come to symbolize "win" in sports terminology.

    A slang term that describes intense want and desire for something, usually attention or sex.
  • ETA

    An acronym for "Estimated Time of Arrival" — used to communicate approximations of travel.
  • TIL

    An acronym for "Today I Learned", used to express something is new to the reader. Popularized online by websites that allow sharing odd facts and figures.
  • RINO

    An acronym that means "Republican In Name Only", a pejorative term aimed at elected Republicans who legislate more like Democrats. Pronounced like "rhino", the term fittingly juxtaposes the elephant used by the GOP.
  • Corky

    A portmanteau slang that combines "cute" and "dorky". A little bit awkward, a little precious.
  • Send It

    A slang expression for "just do it" or "don't think, go for it".
  • Crack Head

    A slang term for an erratic or jumpy person. The term is a reference to crack cocaine addicts who often exhibit alarming behavior.
  • Peg

    A term for the sexual practice of a woman penetrating a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.
  • CBA

    An slang acronym that means "Can't Be Arsed" — used when something is beyond expending energy on.
  • Papi

    The Spanish word for "Daddy". The term is slang in a similar way to "daddy", sometimes used between sexual partners with no familial relation.
  • Blowjob

    A slang term for fellatio, which is oral sex with a penis.
  • ACAB

    An acronym for "All Cops Are Bastards", a political slogan associated with people who oppose the police for various reasons, like militarization, racism, or overreach.
  • YO

    A slang greeting interjection that is used to catch someone's attention, like "hey!".

    A slang term for a fake or stolen identity that is used online in the attempt to start a deceptive relationship, often as a targeted attack.
  • PO

    An acronym for "Piss Off" or "Pissed Off".
  • Cougar

    A slang term for an older woman who seeks relations with younger people.
  • Shenanigans

    A slang term for secret activities or maneuvering that was meant to be hidden.
  • No Quema Cuh

    A slang expression from takuache, low-rider culture that roughly translates to "It doesn't burn" and refers to a truck's inability do burnouts.
  • CUH

    A slang term for "cousin". Prolific use in Mexican-American and takuache culture. Friendly, often attached to the end of sentence, even when speaking to someone who is not your cousin.
  • Takuache

    Literally translates to possum in Spanish, but has become an identifier slang term for a particular group of people who love dropped, low-rider trucks, truck meets, and doing burnouts in those trucks.
  • FUQ

    A modification of the F-word that allows it to be posted against profanity filters.
  • ATM

    An slang acronym that means "At The Moment" — often used in texts or online to indicate what someone is doing currently.
  • HOT

    A slang term for something or someone who is very attractive.
  • Te Quiero

    A Spanish expression that directly translates to "I want you". However, more often used as a casual "I love you" between family members and friends.
  • Clingy

    Slang term for a person in a relationship who is obsessive and will not leave their partner alone, even after receiving hints.
  • wew

    A Filipino slang term for "wow", to express amazement, or "whew" to express relief. The term gained popularity in
  • Frat Boy

    A slang term that can simply indicate someone who has joined a fraternity. More likely, the term indicates someone with stereotypical bro-culture, college age behaviors.
  • Grifter

    A slang term for someone who uses dishonest methods to obtain money. These can include swindles, frauds, or unfair gambling tactics, much like a conman.
  • Loser

    A slang term for an uncool or unsuccessful person.
  • Ghosting

    A slang term for the act of cutting off all communication with someone without any warning beforehand. This can be for simple plans, or to end a relationship.
  • Findom

    A slang portmanteau of the words financial domination. This refers to a domination fetish in which a power dynamic of finances between people is catalyst of play. This includes practices like allowances or surrendering control of funds.
  • What It Do

    A slang expression that translates to the expressions "how's it going?" or "what's up?"
  • Alexis Texas

    A white, female pornstar who is known for her larger booty and riding skills. She has accumulated quite the fan base, even being mentioned in several rap songs.
  • Booty

    A slang term for buttocks. Usually refers to a more plump rear, rather than a small or petite one.
  • Busty

    A slang term that refers to a person with a large bust or bosom (i.e. large breasts).
  • Hottie

    A slang term for a very attractive person. From the slang descriptor "hot".
  • Ass Time

    A slang term for time that should be spent working, but only gets used sitting on one's butt.
  • <3

    A emoticon that looks like a heart when viewed sideways. This expresses love.

  • Sassy

    A descriptive term for someone who is lively and cocky, seeming to know just what to say confidentially.
  • Truffle Butter

    A slang term for the bodily excretion that occurs when switching between anal and vaginal intercourse. A reference to the tan, buttery substance.
  • Body Count

    A slang term for the number of people someone has slept with. Originally, the term referred to number of victims or bodies in a crime.
  • Fling

    A slang term for a short-term relationship, often defined by sexual relations.
  • Booty Call

    A slang term for a request for sexual relations, often made late at night.
  • Wallflower

    A slang term for an introverted or antisocial person at a party who clings to the walls to avoid attention. The name originates from flower of the same name that grows within cracks on walls.
  • BRO

    An abbreviation of "brother" — can either denote a close male friend, or can insult a stereotypical college age, fraternity member.
  • BFF

    An acronym for "Best Friend Forever" — generally, the term is used between younger people to indicate who they consider their closest friend.
  • RAD

    An abbreviation of the word "radical" which is a slang term for "cool" or "awesome".
  • Doggy

    In reference to sexual intercourse, a position where one partner crouches on fall fours and the other penetrates them from behind, similar to the position two dogs would take when mating.
  • WAT

    An inquisitive reply to something nonsensical. Like "What?" but more punch and easier to type.
  • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    A catchphrase from the Adult Swim show "Rick and Morty". The titular, scientist character Rick employs the expression as a zinger throughout the series after his many quips and remarks. A character, Birdperson, reveals in later episodes that the term actually means "I am in great pain, please help me." in their native tongue; this revelation indicates that Rick is actually using it as a cry for help.
  • Creampie

    A slang term for ejaculating inside a sexual partner without protection. Think of the ejaculate as cream, and the partner as pie crust.
  • Ahegao

    A Japanese slang term for an exaggerated, orgasmic facial expression. Generally sexualized, the face is supposedly made due to an overabundance of pleasure.
  • Cursed Image

    Refers to any image that elicits confusion or fear in the viewer. These unsettling photos are usually characterized by troubling content, dark environments, and sometimes slightly comical content.
  • Bougie

    A descriptive term applied to anything high class or rich in taste. From the French "bourgeoisie".
  • Bomboclaat

    A expletive term from the Jamaican Patois language that is roughly equivalent to the English F-word. However, there is no literally translation into English, so Caribbean's have trouble explaining its full meaning.
  • FAE

    A term for a mythical or legendary creature found in many European cultures. Including fairies, the term may refer to many folklore entities that are metaphysical or spiritual in nature.
  • SMH

    An acronym usually means "shake my head" or "shaking my head". Used to express disappointment or defeat.
  • Butt

    A slang term for buttocks, which is rump or bottom of an animal. From the nautical buttocks, the lower portion of the rear of a ship.
  • Ight Imma Head Out

    A slang saying that signifies when someone has had enough, and is excusing themselves and leaving the situation.
  • Meaning

    A term referring to what a word, idea, or action is intending to convey, indicate, or refer to.
  • Crackhead

    A slang term for an erratic or jumpy person. The term is a reference to crack cocaine addicts who often exhibit alarming behavior.
  • Noob

    A modified term for "newbie", which is a label for new players in many video games. Often used when such players are exhibiting novice behaviors.
  • Chancla

    The Latino term for flip-flop or slide shoe. Also referred to as "La Chancla", the term is indicative of child abuse — hitting misbehaving kids with a chancla to punish them.
  • Camel Toe

    A reference to a women's pants being too tight or pulled to high, and their genitalia being visible and looking like a camel's toe.
  • Ratioed

    A slang term for a social media post that gets more comments than likes or shares, which often happens when the post is disagreeable in some fashion.

    A slang name for the street drug ketamine. This powerful drug is an anesthetic that can be used on large animals like horses, which are rode with saddles.
  • SITE

    A shortening of the slang term "Alright", said to acknowledge something is fine.