Recently Updated Slang Terms

  • FOMO

    An acronym that stands for "Fear Of Missing Out", the unpleasant emotion associated with not participating in a limited-time activity.
  • Preach

    An exclamation that is used to convey agreement or affirmation to a speaker, used as a word of encouragement.
  • Blunt

    A slang term for a cigar that has been hallowed out and filled with marijuana before smoking.
  • Definition

    The act of defining, or of making something definite or clear. We do that with slang on this website. Let us know the slang we're missing!
  • Taint

    A reference to the area of the body between the anus and the scrotum or vulva. Also known as the perineum.
  • Grunt

    A slang name for Marine or Army infantrymen. Its origin began during the WWII, and some joke it's an acronym that means "General Replacement Unit, Not Trained,"
  • Clout

    A term that indicates having influence or power, especially politically. This can be attributed to many factors, like fame or wealth.
  • uwu

    Originally an emoticon, this phrase has become a reaction to cuteness or anything adorable.
  • Best Friend

    A person's closest friend.
  • 420 FRIENDLY

    Cool with smoking pot or marijuana. Used in a lot of ads like Craigslist or to know what to bring before a party.
  • Aesthetic

    A term that indicates something is pleasing to the eye.
  • BOO

    An affectionate term for referring to a significant other.
  • VSCO Girl

    A slang term for specific aesthetic held by young women that was popularized on social media in the late 2010s. It includes aspects of a colorful, beachy lifestyle, environmental advocacy, and certain fashion items. These include scrunchie hair ties, puka shell necklaces and friendship bracelets, Hydroflask water bottles, and either Crocs, white Vans or Birkenstocks.
  • BRUH

    A variant of the word "Bro".
  • Cum

    A slang term for semen or seminal fluid.
  • Pegging

    A term for the sexual practice of a woman penetrating a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.
  • OOF

    A response to defeat or frustration. From the online game Roblox, which has a character death sound effect of a child-like voice saying the word.
  • /S

    A single letter abbreviation used to indicate sarcasm.
  • GIRL

    Term used for a young female human, usually a child or adolescent.
  • Hoe

    A slang modification of the word "whore", who is a sex-worker that engages in intercourse for pay.
  • THOT

    Most often means "That Ho Over There"
  • CHQ

    An abbreviation of chloroquine, an unproven and unsupported treatment method for COVID-19. It's original purpose is as a malaria medicine.
  • SMH

    Usually means "shake my head" or "shaking my head"
  • YPU

    Most often, YPU is a misspelling of the word YOU
  • Pog

    A reference to the "PogChamp" emote that expresses surprise or excitement. Gained popularity on the video-game streaming service Twitch.
  • Hi

    Probably a variant of the Middle English "Hy" or "Hey", which is an exclamation to greet or call attention.
  • Holiday Season

    A generic term for period of the year between late November through early January. It includes holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, and New Year's.
  • Titties

    A slang term for female breasts.
  • Uno Reverse Card

    A reference to the card in the game Uno that reverses the direction of play. Used as a catch-all comeback that is undeniably final.
  • BBW

    An acronym for "Big Beautiful Women", as in beautiful women who defy Western society's constructed expectations about body size and shape
  • Rule 34

    A rule that designates that "If it exists, there is porn of it". A reference to the absurdist "Rules of the Internet", which gained popularity on early 4chan message boards. The number is arbitrarily chosen.
  • MILF

    An acronym that means "Mother I'd Like to F**k"
  • Mood

    A one-word response to something deemed relatable and descriptive of one's life.
  • Sis

    A slang term for sister. Often used like a female equivalent to "bro", with close friends rather than relatives.
  • Lowkey

    A slang designation that something has little or no emphasis.
  • Highkey

    A slang designation for something that is quite assertive, loud, and direct. The opposite of lowkey.
  • Shook

    A slang term that refers to the past tense of shake. Being shook involves being shocked, scared, impressed, confused, or embarrassed.
  • Dank

    While this word literally means cold, dark, moist, or musty, it has been adopted by marijuana users to describe high quality weed, which has some of these characteristics.
  • Stan

    An name for an obsessed fan. The term originated from an Eminem song featuring Dido called "Stan" about an overly obsessed fan, of that name, writing a letter to the artist.
  • Slide into the DMs

    A slang reference to the act of transitioning a public conversation into direct messages (DM), often in the pursuit of sex.
  • Yas Queen

    An encouraging exclamation that is offered to someone you find inspiring and accept as royalty.
  • BAE

    A slang term and acronym that can mean the following: 1) An abbreviation of "babe"; used prolifically in hip-hop/R&B, beginning in the 2000s 2) Acronym that means "Before anyone else", used for endearment 3) Translates to "poop" in Danish; only used by someone who want to appear clever or trolls
  • Biotch

    A slang modification of the word "bitch".

    Tagging someone or something to keep it in place for later, when you're ready for them/it.
  • Bredrin

    A Rastafarian slang term of the word "Brethren", which is the archaic plural of brother. Often used as a term of endearment among friends.

    An acronym that stands for "By The Way I Think I Am In Love With"
  • Abbr

    An abbreviation of the word abbreviation. An abbreviation is the shortening or contracting of a word that still represents the whole.
  • ABK

    An acronym that stands for "Always Be Knolling". Knolling is the practice of laying out related objects in parrallell lines and 90° angles for the sake of a picture.
  • Ass

    Another term for butt.
  • Beast

    A term for a person who is extremely talented, dedicated, or good at something.
  • Fam

    An abbreviation of family. Used to refer to the people whom you consider closest to you.
  • No Cap

    A term for not lying. Usually said after saying something doubtful.
  • Cap

    A slang term for lie. Popularized in the 2010s on Twitter and the Hip-hop community.
  • Capping

    A term for lying or telling mistruths.

    Acronym meaning "if you know you know"; used often as #iykyk, to demonstrate a tweet will only be understood by a select few.
  • Eye Candy

    Usually refers to something pleasing to look at, but may be less engaging than it appears.
  • Thigh Gap

    Refers to the gap that appears between one's legs when standing with feet together.
  • Butterface

    Refers to someone who is attractive, except in their face. Derived from "But their face..."
  • Welp

    An informal exclamation that is a non-standard spelling of "well". Used to show surrender.
  • Armbar

    Refers to a grappling maneuver that hyper-extends the arm to make the opponent submit.
  • Haymaker

    Refers to a powerful punch where the arm is flung with full force, mimic the motion of swinging a scythe.
  • Rick Roll

    Referring to the act of pranking by sending Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video instead of the anticipated website.
  • Creeper

    Usually refers to someone who is demonstrating unsettling behavior.

    An acronym that means Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.
  • Melanated

    Refers to someone with melanin, dark brown pigment that naturally occurs in hair and skin.
  • Edgelord

    Refers to someone who uses ghastly or anarchic language to demonstrate how dangerous, unique, or edgy they are.
  • Dad bod

    Refers to a male physique that is not particularly toned, but also not large.
  • Carts

    A short name for cartridge, which are used in vape pens.
  • Terps

    A term for terpenes which are aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains different smells.
  • Himb

    A slang pronoun used often to refer to a larger male animals, like a fat cat.
  • Diamonds

    Can refer to distillate diamonds, a fully decarbed cannabis dab that is extremely potent.
  • Stonks

    An exclamation used to express the merit of a financial decision, but is often used sarcastically.
  • Chubby

    Refers to a plump or rounded figure. Not necessarily fat, just a little extra.
  • Jabroni

    Usually refers to a person who is overly confident, and is actually unskillful.
  • Gaslighting

    Refers to psychological abuse in which the victim is fed false information about reality, which leads them to doubt their own confidence and reality.
  • Zerg Rush

    A term referring to the tactic of building a large amount of cheaper, early-game units and rushing into the enemy in an RTS game.
  • Dingleberry

    Usually refers to feces that were not wiped off properly.
  • GGG

    An acronym that means "Good in bed, Giving equal time and equal pleasure, and Game for anything—within reason".
  • Mullet

    Refers to a hairstyle where the hair is longer in the back than on the top, with the sides often kept short.
  • Badass

    Reference to a very cool person, usually exceptionally tough and rugged.
  • Bender

    Indicates a period of time where a person overuses or abuses drugs or other substances.
  • Baddie

    A moniker for an independent woman who takes care of herself and is confident.
  • Vibe Check

    Most often refers to the kind act of checking in with others to express their current mood (vibe).
  • Cringy

    Refers to the state of making other cringe by demonstrating embarrassing behavior.
  • Cringey

    Refers to the state of making other cringe by demonstrating embarrassing behavior.
  • Cringe

    A name given to all actions that would make onlookers wince in embarrassment.
  • Pansexual

    Refers to a person who's sexual orientation is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Tribbing

    Usually refers to the sexual act of two women rubbing their vulva together as non-penetrative sex.
  • Furry

    A broad term that most often indicates interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like traits.
  • Absolute Unit

    A reference to something that is so large and in charge, there's nothing you can compare it to.
  • Thicc

    A misspelling of the word thick, and denotes being curvy or plump, usually in a good way.
  • Incel

    A contraction of the words "involuntarily celibate". Used to refer to a person, usually male, that is so vile and sexist, they turn everyone off.
  • Yiff

    A term that indicates relation to sexual content within the Furry fandom.
  • Yeet

    An exclamation used when throwing something.
  • Boujee

    A descriptive term applied to anything high class or rich in taste. From the French "bourgeoisie".
  • Coochie

    A slang term for vagina.
  • Hotwife

    Refers to the practice of a married woman pursuing sexual relationships outside of the marriage with the endorsement of her husband.
  • Eboy

    Short for "electronic boy" and refers to a member of an online youth culture that emerged in the late 2010s.
  • Kyle

    A name given to a hypothetical caricature of a white, hyper-aggressive, male teenager.
  • Karen

    A stereotype of an overly-entitled, middle-age white woman.