Recently Updated Slang Terms

  • WYL

    WYL often means "whatever you like," though the acronym has numerous other common meanings.
  • OOTD

    "OOTD" stands for "Outfit of the Day." It's a popular acronym used to describe and showcase one's daily fashion choice.
  • Uno Reverse Card

    A reference to the card in the game Uno that reverses the direction of play. Used as a catch-all comeback that is undeniably final.
  • TIFU

    TIFU stands for "Today I F**ked Up" and usually marks the beginning of a story about how the person who said TIFU happened to f**k up today.
  • Cuck

    A usually derogatory slang term for a husband of an adulterous wife. Originates from the cuckoo bird, which has evolved to trick other species into raising its offspring.
  • Tight Ass

    "Tight ass" or "tight-ass" is a slang term for an uptight person, somebody who is unwilling to relax or let go. In other words, they are so uptight that their buttocks are pretty much permanently clenched.
  • DWU

    Dats wassup
  • WYG

    "WYG" stands for "What You Got." This phrase is commonly used in texting and online messaging. Its usage can vary, but it generally serves as an inquiry. It can be a straightforward request for information, similar to asking "What do you have?" or "What are you dealing with?"
  • LYK

    "Lyk," an abbreviation for "let you know," is a popular phrase in the realm of digital communication, particularly among younger generations who favor texting and instant messaging. This shorthand expression is used to convey the intent to provide more information or an update about a specific topic at a later time. It's a convenient, time-saving way of promising future communication without going into detail immediately. The use of "lyk" is indicative of the evolving language landscape in the digital era, where brevity and speed are often prioritized in casual conversations.
  • Frat Boy

    A slang term that can simply indicate someone who has joined a fraternity. More likely, the term indicates someone with stereotypical bro-culture, college age behaviors.
  • Swole

    A slang term for swollen, referring to muscular or very strong things.
  • MO

    A slang initialism for "Modus Operandi", which is a way of doing something, especially if it's well-established.
  • Okay

    A slang term meaning alright or satisfactory. Can be shortened to "O.K." or "Ok".
  • Conservative

    A slang term that indicates the tendencies of members of the Republican party, who are disposed to preserving existing conditions and limiting change.
  • Chiraq

    A slang portmanteau of Chicago and Iraq, likening the city to a war zone because of high crime and murder rates.
  • Tuff

    A slang adjective describing someone as unfortunate, rugged, or rough.
  • Deadnaming

    Slang term for the act of using a person's old name, the one they had before changing it as part of their transition process/journey.
  • TRA

    A slang word for "Bye" or "Farewell". From the UK slang "Turrah".
  • Pee Pee

    Slang term for urine, the yellowish waste secretion from many mammals.
  • Instagram Baddie

    Slang for an independent woman who takes care of herself and is confident, and is also famous on Instagram, the photography-based social media platform.
  • Baddie

    A slang moniker for an independent woman who takes care of herself and is confident.
  • Bummer

    A slang term for a misfortune or bad occasion.
  • Tiddies

    A slang term for female breasts.

    A short laugh that can be slang for sarcasm or nervousness.
  • Trick

    A somewhat derogatory Slang term for a paying customer of prostitutes.
  • Wook

    A slang term for a vagabond hippie that frequents music festivals. Typically has very little in terms of possessions, and frequently borrows or "bums" food, drugs, and tickets.
  • Kook

    A derogatory slang word for somebody who hasn't learned the basics of surfing. These noobs will often get in the way of better surfers.
  • No Bueno

    An Mexican-American slang expression meaning "not good".
  • BYOB

    A slang initialism for "Bring Your Own Beer". A clever way to note that guests should bring their own drinks, as they will not be provided.
  • STFU

    A slang initialism for "shut the f**k up".
  • PLEB

    Slang shortening of the word plebeian, the ancient Roman word for commoner. Used to refer to someone who cannot appreciate the finer things in life or the arts.
  • Whack

    A slang word that describes something unpleasable or in bad taste.
  • Mook

    A slang insult for a stupid, foolish, and/or insignificant person.
  • Yes Sir

    A slang affirmation that can suggest a myriad of emotions: respect, sarcasm, enthusiasm, etc.
  • POC

    A slang initialism for "Person of Color", referring to anyone who is not white.
  • POV

    A slang initialism for "Point of view", used to reference to pictures or footage from someone's particular position.
  • Trill

    Slang portmanteau of the words True and Real. Describes someone who is honest and genuine.
  • Bootlicker

    Slang term for a person who tries to flatter or suck up to their oppressors or someone above them.
  • DEBO

    A slang term meaning to steal or to run away with. Typically in a tough, take-charge manner. A reference to the character Debo from the 1995 film Friday, who would roll up and take stuff constantly.
  • Giving Head

    Slang term for the act of conducting oral sex. The person receiving is "getting head".
  • Hehe

    Slang laughter that implies a small laugh or mischievousness.
  • ION

    An alternative slang spelling of the phrase "I don't". Popularized on Twitter.
  • Que Paso

    A Spanish slang phrase that means roughly "What's up?" or "How are things?"
  • Butch

    A slang term used to describe someone who dresses masculine.
  • Netorare

    A Japanese slang term that literally translates to "cuckolding", which refers to a sexual fetish involving a man with an adulterous wife. More broadly, the term may also refer to works of adult fiction that involve blackmail and cheating.
  • OOF

    A slang response to defeat or frustration. From the online game Roblox, which has a character death sound effect of a child-like voice saying the word.
  • Nalgas

    Spanish slang for buttocks, but can refer to the whole rear.
  • Prick

    A slang term for a jerk or asshole. Like a prick or poke, they're often an annoyance.
  • Blinker Fluid

    Slang for an imaginary fluid that is used to tease people who know nothing about cars or their maintenance.
  • Dumbass

    Slang term for a thoroughly stupid person.
  • Bareback

    Slang for having sexual intercourse without a condom for protection.
  • Cool Beans

    A slang phrase that means great, delightful, amazing, agreeable, sweet, etc.
  • XOXO

    An informal slang term meaning "hugs & kisses" at the end of a missive between two loved ones. The O's mean hugs, while the X's symbolize kisses.
  • Player

    A slang term for a person who is flirtatious with many people in the attempt to have sexual relations with as many people as possible.
  • Knob

    A slang term for a penis, especially the tip or head of one.
  • Dime Bag

    Slang term for $10 worth of cannabis or marijuana.
  • VVS

    A slang initialism to refer to a high quality/clarity diamond. From the grading scale of diamonds, where VVS, meaning Very Very Slightly, is near the top, only under flawless graded gems.
  • Perico

    A Spanish slang that literally means parakeet or parrot, but refers to cocaine. While high on cocaine, many people become very talkative, like a parrot.
  • Paisan

    An informal slang term for a fellow countryman or close friend that is used by people of Italian or Spanish descent. The term comes from the Neapolitan language word "paisano", which means roughly the same thing.
  • Chulo

    A Mexican slang term that can refer to someone who is cute, pretty, hot, or some variation of good looking. While the word originally noted someone as a matador's assistant, it can also refer to a pimp, or prostitute's manager.
  • YKTV

    A slang initialism for "You know the vibe", a declaration that someone knows we are having a good time.
  • Whooty

    A slang term for a white woman with a booty, or a larger bottom.
  • Wingnut

    A slang pejorative term for a person who holds extreme, often irrational, political views. Can refer to any extreme views, but primarily refers to those considered right wing.
  • Tossed Salad

    Slang term for a flavorful, healthy side dish consisting of some sort of lettuce, various vegetables and flavor boosters, and a dressing.
  • Guapo

    A Spanish slang term meaning "handsome". Typically applied to males.
  • FTM

    A slang initialism that means Female To Male. Can be used to describe someone's transgender path, but can also be interpreted as inappropriate as it reinforces CIS notions. Many prefer transgender man.

    A commonly used terms and phrases in language that may or may not be the correct and or actually intended use of those words; slang may also not be actual words at all but compiled or created words & phrases that have become widely accepted.
  • MLM

    An initialism that stands for Multi-Leveling Marketing. Also known as pyramid selling, this controversial marketing strategy involves selling memberships to non-salaried workforce, allowing them to sell to others below them.
  • Roleplay

    Slang term for acting or pretending to be a certain character or historical figure. Part acting, part improvisation.
  • Cat Calling

    Slang for rude, sexual remarks made towards people passing by, often women passing men on the street.
  • White Knight

    Slang for a champion who fights for a cause, as in politics or discussions. In modern terms, this often describes a man who comes to the unsolicited defense of women, often in the hopes of sexual favor.
  • Homebody

    Slang for a person who enjoys the pleasures centered around staying at home.
  • Giddy Up

    Slang for "get up" or "get ye up", often said to horse to inspire speed or haste. Has come to mean "Let's go" or "I'm in".
  • Seven Deadly Sins

    The seven cardinal sins (or transgression of divine law) in Roman Catholic theology. Typically ordered Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.
  • ASMR

    Initialism for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response". Slang for the tingling feeling often achieved when hearing whispers or specific audio prompts.
  • Siren Head

    Slang term for a fictional monster created by artist Trevor Henderson in 2018. An extremely tall supernatural entity with a pole with sirens for a head.
  • Squirt

    Slang term for the act of female ejaculation of liquids due to stimulus of her genitals.

    A slang term for the condition of being high or drunk, or some mixture of the two.
  • Sexo

    Slang term for a "sexolicious" person, or someone who is very hot and into having sex frequently.
  • Fuck

    A catch-all slang curse word that can mean many things. Often used as an interjection to express anger or disgust, it can also indicate sexual intercourse or unjust treatment/meddling.
  • Cosplay

    Slang for the art of wearing costumes to portray famous fictional characters. From "Costumed Play".
  • Bondage

    Slang term for the act of restraining a consenting sexual partner, usually as part of dominant/submissive roleplay.
  • Bigot

    Slang for a prejudiced person who is intolerant of others, their creeds, beliefs, or opinions.
  • Stripper

    Slang for the occupation that involves stripping off one's clothing and dancing for other's enjoyment
  • MM

    A slang response that means "I agree" or "I see". Represents the sound you make while nodding and humming in agreement with someone. This can, however, sound negative, so use caution.
  • Plenty of Fish

    An online dating website created by a company based in British Columbia. The site is known for being free, with premium features.
  • Man

    A slang term appended to the end of a sentence to convey a closeness or personal appeal. Like "dude", has come to not necessarily denote gender.
  • OK

    A slang abbreviation of "okay", meaning alright or satisfactory.
  • Eyebrow Slit

    Slang for a shaved gap(s) in the eyebrows for the sake of fashion.
  • TBH

    A slang initialism for for "To Be Honest"
  • Yandere

    A Japanese slang term that describes a person who is obsessed with a relationship, and will go to any length to ensure its success. Beyond head-over-heels, this person will stalk and do significant actions to keep a relationship.
  • BL

    An initialism for the slang term "Boy Love" — commonly used in Shounen Ai anime, depicts homosexual relationships between young men.
  • Pause

    A slang interjection that is used to negate the sexual connotations of a previously made comment. Often used after accidently saying something that can be interpreted as homosexual.
  • O-O

    An slang emoticon used to display shock or surprise. Looks like a pair of large, blank eyes with a small mouth in between.
  • O.O

    A slang text emote that can appear as a number of things, depending on which O are capitalized. Can be either a blank stare, confusion, or surprise and shock.
  • OO

    A slang logograph that is used to represent two very wide eyes, often used to express surprise or shock.
  • FR

    An initialism for the slang phrase "For Real". Shorthand way to describe your agreement.
  • Grooming

    A slang term for the act of conditioning and training someone, usually over a long period, to do something specific. The act is used often to describe the act of preparing younger people for sexual acts.
  • Fiend

    A slang term for somebody who is addicted to something, be it a substance or an activity.
  • Edgar

    Slang term for a specific haircut, similar to the Casesar, that has short sides, back, and top, with a high fade or undercut. Exaggerations on the style can be seen in takuache, Mexican-American culture.