Recently Updated Slang Terms

  • Ratioed

    A slang term for a social media post that gets more comments than likes or shares, which often happens when the post is disagreeable in some fashion.

    A slang name for the street drug ketamine. This powerful drug is an anesthetic that can be used on large animals like horses, which are rode with saddles.
  • SITE

    A shortening of the slang term "Alright", said to acknowledge something is fine.
  • SMS

    An acronym for "Short Message Service", a phone service which many know as text messaging or texting.
  • SORT

    A term used to identify someone who is well-put together, attractive, and is likeable. From "Good Sort".
  • Slut Wife

    A term for a wife that is either highly sexualized and obedient during sex, or has sex with people outside the marriage, often with their partner's consent.
  • Phat Ass

    A reference to a large, rotund rear-end. Unlike "fat ass", this term is often used positively, noting a butt that is pleasurable looking.
  • AF

    An acronym that stands for "As f***", usually affixed to the end of a sentence to denote somethings extremity.
  • A&F

    Always And Forever

    A common misspelling of the word "Right", in which the lowercase q looks similar to the lowercase g.

    Refers to the Spanish word for "stupid" — usually applied to a person who is acting foolish.
  • ORGY

    An event in which many people have sexual intercourse to varying degrees.
  • Dope

    A slang term for anything excellent or exciting. This use gained popularity in the 1990s in hip-hop and rap culture.
  • Fat Ass

    A expression to notes somethings largeness or overwhelming weight. Can refer to objects as well as living things.
  • Hook Up

    A slang term that usually refers to the act of having sexual intercourse, though it can be more tame and indicate making out or meeting up.
  • Fuckboy

    A slang term for a man, usually young, who will say or do anything to sleep with someone without establishing a strong relationship. Their aim is sex, not partnership.
  • KK

    An abbreviation of "Okay, okay". This short term is a quick response like "Affirmative" or "I hear you".

    A Spanish national daily sport newspaper that focuses primarily on football, in particular the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

    A mispronunciation of the word "American", often said as an imitation person from the Southern United States.
  • Snowflake

    A reference to the falling ice crystals that are know for their uniqueness, the derogatory term is now used to indicate someone who is hypersensitive about their views.
  • Anime

    A term for any animation, hand or computer drawn, originating from Japan. Derived from the English word "animation", it has many common styles and tropes, but the term refers to any animation.
  • White

    A name for the color that is light and pallid in color — common objects that bear it are fresh milk or snow.
  • GG

    An acronym for "Good Game" — said at the end of a match, though it can be said prematurely as a taunt.
  • G/G

    Gotta go
  • Sapiosexual

    A term for people who are primarily attracted to intelligence, often finding it arousing.
  • Sugar Daddy

    A slang term for a partner in a relationship that provides money to the other. These financial benefits can come in the form of bill payments or expensive gifts, for example, and can be reciprocated in many ways.
  • NSFW

    An acronym that stands for "Not Safe For Work" — indicates material is not acceptable for public or at-work viewing.
  • HO

    A slang modification of the word "whore", who is a sex-worker that engages in intercourse for pay.
  • H/O

    hold on
  • SUS

    An abbreviation of suspicious. Usually used to denote someone who is being suspicious and untrustworthy.
  • Love

    A term for the intense feeling of deep affection or adoration.
  • OP

    An acronym for "Original Poster". Common used in message boards to refer to the initial creator of a forum.
  • O/P

    Out of print
  • Watermelon Sugar

    This term refers to the Harry Styles song of the same name, Watermelon Sugar. In the song, Styles demonstrates his adoration of the substance and the high he experiences around it. When prompted in multiple interviews, the artist alluded that the song is not about oral sex (as many have assumed), but instead the emotional feeling one experience at the beginning of a new relationship.
  • GF

    An abbreviation of Girlfriend, usually a female significant other.
  • G/F


    A term that is prevalent in Rastafarianism as a praise to their monotheistic god Jah. Equivalent to "God Bless".
  • JOHN

    A slang term for a prostitute's clientele. From the intentionally anonymous name for a man "John Doe".

    A term that denotes relation or design for young or younger people.

    An acronym that stands for "I Did Not Know That".
  • Chechclear

    A reference to a brutal video that was spread in the early 2000s of a Russian soldier being beheaded by Chechen jihadists.
  • DAMN

    A catch-all slang term that has come to have many meanings, including contempt or amazement. Originates from at least 1200 AD Middle English and Latin word for wishing harm and damage.
  • Poen

    A common misspelling of the word "porn" — often typed by accident, perhaps one-handed during the twilight hours.
  • Crossdresser

    A term referring to a person dressing in clothes normally associated with different genders. Crucially, the term does not imply body or gender dysphoria, and should not be applied to transgender individuals.
  • Cuckold

    A usually derogatory slang term for a husband of an adulterous wife. Originates from the cuckoo bird, which has evolved to trick other species into raising its offspring.
  • Cuck

    A usually derogatory slang term for a husband of an adulterous wife. Originates from the cuckoo bird, which has evolved to trick other species into raising its offspring.
  • Thick

    A descriptive term for someone who is plump in an attractive way, usually having larger thighs, butt, and/or hips.
  • Kinky

    A slang term that refers to having unconventional tastes, especially in regards to sexual pleasures.
  • SWAG

    A shortened term for swagger, which is maintaining cool style with confident self-assuredness.
  • Stud

    A slang term for someone who is attractive. From the practice of keeping stud animals, which are kept for breeding.
  • Hump Day

    A slang term for the middle of the work week. Like a hill, half the week is behind you, and it's all downhill from here. Usually Wednesdays.
  • Null

    A term that signifies the absence of data, an empty set, or a zero.
  • Camel Toe

    A reference to a women's pants being too tight or pulled to high, and their genitalia being visible and looking like a camel's toe.
  • G

    An abbreviation of the word gangster. This term grew in popularity within the 1990s hip-hop community.
  • WAP

    Refers to a Wet A**-Pu**y, rhymes with "Mop"
  • Sapphic

    Refers to a woman who is attracted to other women. Originated from the Archaic Greek Poet Sappho from the island in Lesbos who was born in 630 BC.

    Acronym meaning "if you know you know"; used often as #iykyk, to demonstrate a tweet will only be understood by a select few.
  • Based

    Most often means commendable or excellent.
  • Eye Candy

    Usually refers to something pleasing to look at, but may be less engaging than it appears.
  • Stan

    An name for an obsessed fan. The term originated from an Eminem song featuring Dido called "Stan" about an overly obsessed fan, of that name, writing a letter to the artist.
  • Thigh Gap

    Refers to the gap that appears between one's legs when standing with feet together.
  • Butterface

    Refers to someone who is attractive, except in their face. Derived from "But their face..."
  • Welp

    An informal exclamation that is a non-standard spelling of "well". Used to show surrender.
  • Armbar

    Refers to a grappling maneuver that hyper-extends the arm to make the opponent submit.
  • Haymaker

    Refers to a powerful punch where the arm is flung with full force, mimic the motion of swinging a scythe.
  • Rick Roll

    Referring to the act of pranking by sending Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video instead of the anticipated website.
  • Creeper

    Usually refers to someone who is demonstrating unsettling behavior.

    An acronym that means Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.
  • Melanated

    Refers to someone with melanin, dark brown pigment that naturally occurs in hair and skin.
  • Edgelord

    Refers to someone who uses ghastly or anarchic language to demonstrate how dangerous, unique, or edgy they are.
  • Dad bod

    Refers to a male physique that is not particularly toned, but also not large.
  • Carts

    A short name for cartridge, which are used in vape pens.
  • Terps

    A term for terpenes which are aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains different smells.
  • Himb

    A slang pronoun used often to refer to a larger male animals, like a fat cat.
  • Diamonds

    Can refer to distillate diamonds, a fully decarbed cannabis dab that is extremely potent.
  • Stonks

    An exclamation used to express the merit of a financial decision, but is often used sarcastically.
  • Chubby

    Refers to a plump or rounded figure. Not necessarily fat, just a little extra.
  • Jabroni

    Usually refers to a person who is overly confident, and is actually unskillful.
  • Gaslighting

    Refers to psychological abuse in which the victim is fed false information about reality, which leads them to doubt their own confidence and reality.
  • Zerg Rush

    A term referring to the tactic of building a large amount of cheaper, early-game units and rushing into the enemy in an RTS game.
  • Dingleberry

    Usually refers to feces that were not wiped off properly.
  • GGG

    An acronym that means "Good in bed, Giving equal time and equal pleasure, and Game for anything—within reason".
  • Mullet

    Refers to a hairstyle where the hair is longer in the back than on the top, with the sides often kept short.
  • Badass

    Reference to a very cool person, usually exceptionally tough and rugged.
  • Bender

    Indicates a period of time where a person overuses or abuses drugs or other substances.
  • Baddie

    A moniker for an independent woman who takes care of herself and is confident.
  • Vibe Check

    Most often refers to the kind act of checking in with others to express their current mood (vibe).
  • Cringy

    Refers to the state of making other cringe by demonstrating embarrassing behavior.
  • Cringey

    Refers to the state of making other cringe by demonstrating embarrassing behavior.
  • Cringe

    A name given to all actions that would make onlookers wince in embarrassment.
  • Pansexual

    Refers to a person who's sexual orientation is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Tribbing

    Usually refers to the sexual act of two women rubbing their vulva together as non-penetrative sex.
  • Thicc

    A misspelling of the word thick, and denotes being curvy or plump, usually in a good way.
  • Furry

    A broad term that most often indicates interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like traits.
  • Incel

    A contraction of the words "involuntarily celibate". Used to refer to a person, usually male, that is so vile and sexist, they turn everyone off.
  • Yiff

    A term that indicates relation to sexual content within the Furry fandom.
  • Yeet

    An exclamation used when you're excited or surprised, especially when dancing or throwing something.
  • Boujee

    A descriptive term applied to anything high class or rich in taste. From the French "bourgeoisie".
  • Coochie

    A slang term for vagina.
  • Hotwife

    Refers to the practice of a married woman pursuing sexual relationships outside of the marriage with the endorsement of her husband.