What does Swole mean?

A slang term for swollen, referring to muscular or very strong things.

Other definitions of Swole:

  • Built, with rippling muscles and bulging veins. Product of a lot of hard work or extreme supplements.
  • Being in very good shape, really muscular, and swollen.
  • Pumped up, from the word "swollen". Can be a compliment to someone who obviously works out, but can also refer to someone puffing out their chest to appear larger before a confrontation.

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How to use the term

  • Dude, you're looking swole. What's your max bench?

  • They got swole over winter.

  • Swole Bowls would be an alright name for a protein-focused Poke bowl restaurant.

  • The guy at the end of the bar is trying to swole up, starting shit.

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