What does OOTD mean?

"OOTD" stands for "Outfit of the Day." It's a popular acronym used to describe and showcase one's daily fashion choice.


Other definitions of OOTD:

  • A term invented by Instagrammers and Pinterest people to show off what they are wearing
  • A common hashtag used by fashion bloggers to show what clothes they are wearing for a particular day or occasion
  • OOTD has also been co-opted by brands such as Forever 21, American Eagle, UGG, etc.

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How to use the term

  • Check out my OOTD! I covered my entire body in peanut butter, then rolled around in cupcake sprinkles. FABULOUS

  • I wish Becky would post something other than OOTDs, we've been friends for years but I'm about to unfollow that girl

Meaning of OOTD

OOTD stands for "Outfit of the day." Typically, OOTD is used in the context of social media, where individuals post pictures or descriptions of their carefully curated or favorite daily outfits. The term has become synonymous with personal style expression and fashion inspiration.


The term "OOTD" has its roots in the early days of internet forums and fashion blogs, where style enthusiasts would share their daily outfits with an online community. These forums provided a space for individuals to showcase their fashion sense, exchange ideas, and offer feedback on others' styles. As social media platforms emerged and grew, "OOTD" found a natural home on these new digital stages, particularly on visually oriented platforms.

Spread on Social Media

The explosion of "OOTD" as a widespread phenomenon is largely attributed to the rise of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. These platforms, with their focus on visual content, have provided the perfect medium for people to share their outfits. Users post photos tagged with #OOTD, offering a glimpse into their personal style, the occasion for the outfit, and often details about the clothing pieces and accessories. Influencers and fashion bloggers have played a significant role in popularizing "OOTD." By regularly posting their daily outfits, they've turned this concept into a trend that encourages followers to engage in fashion discourse, share their styles, and seek inspiration. The hashtag #OOTD has become a staple in fashion-related posts, creating an expansive, diverse online community centered around personal style and fashion creativity. As "OOTD" continues to grow in popularity, it's not just a showcase of individual style, but also a source of fashion trends, brand discovery, and a platform for emerging designers and stylists. The "OOTD" movement embodies the intersection of fashion, individual expression, and the connective power of social media.

Example Uses

  1. Daily Fashion Inspiration: On platforms like Instagram, users post pictures of their outfits with the hashtag #OOTD. These posts often include details about where each item is from, serving as fashion inspiration for their followers.
  2. Personal Style Blogging: Fashion bloggers and influencers use "OOTD" to chronicle their daily fashion choices, often linking it to current trends, seasons, or specific events they are attending.
  3. Retail Marketing: Brands and online retailers leverage "OOTD" to showcase their products. Customers wearing the brand’s clothing might tag their posts with #OOTD, inadvertently acting as brand ambassadors.
  4. Themed Outfits: In some online communities, "OOTD" posts are themed, such as “Workwear Wednesday” or “Casual Friday,” encouraging participants to share outfits fitting the specific theme.
  5. Fashion Challenges: Social media users sometimes engage in “OOTD challenges,” where they post different outfits each day for a set period, like a month, following specific themes or color schemes.

Lesser-Known Meanings

While "OOTD" is overwhelmingly used to denote "Outfit of the Day," there are a few lesser-known interpretations of the acronym in different contexts:
  1. “Offer of the Day”: In some retail or e-commerce settings, "OOTD" can be used to highlight a special daily offer or deal. Shops and online marketplaces might use this acronym in their marketing to attract customers looking for daily deals.
  2. “Out of the Darkness”: In more poetic or expressive uses, particularly in personal blogging or creative writing, "OOTD" might be employed to symbolize coming out of a period of struggle or difficulty, representing a new beginning or a change in perspective.
  3. Online Communities and Forums: In certain niche online forums or communities, "OOTD" could have specific meanings relevant to the context of that group, ranging from hobby-specific uses to insider language within a tight-knit community.
In summary, while "OOTD" is predominantly associated with fashion and personal style, its versatility allows for various other applications in different fields. Its widespread recognition, primarily due to social media influence, demonstrates the evolving nature of digital communication and its impact on daily life and consumer habits.

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