What does Frat Boy mean?

A slang term that can simply indicate someone who has joined a fraternity. More likely, the term indicates someone with stereotypical bro-culture, college age behaviors.

Frat Boy

Other definitions of Frat Boy:

  • Typically, a college aged young man who acts boisterously or foolishly to impress others, including his fraternity brothers.
  • A college age kid who focuses less on academics and spends their extra time partying/drinking with their fraternity.
  • Stereotype of a college-going male who behaves boorishly and perhaps misogynistically.
  • A variant of frat bro, this term indicates a young male who has joined a fraternity during college. Typically exhibits some key behaviors like partying, excessive working out, drinking, and dedication to sports culture.

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How to use the term
Frat Boy:

  • You're quite the frat boy, aren't you?

  • When he went off to college, it wasn't long before he became a frat boy.

  • How many frat boys are at this party? It's getting pretty loud in here.

  • Get out of my face, bro. I'm not one of your frat boy brethren.

  • Is Frat Boy Harry back?


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