Top Slang Terms

  • 45

    45 or forty-five, used when wanting to talk about Donald Trump without having to say the words "Donald trump"

  • Orwellian

    Reminiscent of the dark, fictional work of writer George Orwell. Often used in reference to his dystopian account of a future totalitarian state in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

  • Woke

    Awake / Aware of Power Structures - Being "Woke" means you are capable of thinking critically about society

  • THOT

    That Ho Over There

  • TH

    Trying Hard

  • TBH

    Short for "To Be Honest"

  • SNMP

    So not my problem

  • SMDH

    Shaking my damn head


    Stop Kicking That Dead Horse


    a picture of yourself, usually taken on a cell phone and posted online.