Top Slang Terms

  • Flashback Mary

    A slang term for somebody who puts on too much powder. Flash photography exposes the areas where too much facial powder is used, resulting in flashback.
  • Momala

    A nickname for Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. She explained in an interview that her two stepchildren came up with the name.
  • Send It

    A slang expression for "just do it" or "don't think, go for it".
  • uwu

    Originally an emoticon, this phrase has become a reaction to cuteness or anything adorable.
  • VSCO Girl

    A slang term for specific aesthetic held by young women that was popularized on social media in the late 2010s. It includes aspects of a colorful, beachy lifestyle, environmental advocacy, and certain fashion items. These include scrunchie hair ties, puka shell necklaces and friendship bracelets, Hydroflask water bottles, and either Crocs, white Vans or Birkenstocks.
  • Rule 34

    A rule that designates that "If it exists, there is porn of it". A reference to the absurdist "Rules of the Internet", which gained popularity on early 4chan message boards. The number is arbitrarily chosen.
  • Lowkey

    A slang designation that something has little or no emphasis.
  • Hotwife

    Refers to the practice of a married woman pursuing sexual relationships outside of the marriage with the endorsement of her husband.
  • Incel

    A contraction of the words "involuntarily celibate". Used to refer to a person, usually male, that is so vile and sexist, they turn everyone off.
  • WAP

    Refers to a Wet A**-Pu**y, rhymes with "Mop"