Top Slang Terms

  • Deadnaming

    Slang term for the act of using a person's old name, the one they had before changing it as part of their transition process/journey.
  • Bust Down

    A hip-hop slang term for a very expensive piece of jewelry or watch that is covered in diamonds.
  • Spell Coconut

    Slang term for a sexual act in which a riding partner spells the word "coconut" with their hips while on top. Considered a "starter tip", spelling the word while riding will feel pleasurable for the person being rode.
  • Vaxhole

    A slang term for someone who has received a vaccination for COVID-19 and gloats about it to people who haven't yet.
  • Stimmy

    A slang term for a government stimulus check, popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Jimin

    A nickname for Korean singer and dancer Park Ji-min, a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS.
  • Zaddy

    A slang term for very confident man, typically one of a slightly older age. A modification of "daddy", this term carries many of the same sexual connotations.
  • Flashback Mary

    A slang term for somebody who puts on too much powder. Flash photography exposes the areas where too much facial powder is used, resulting in flashback.
  • Momala

    A nickname for Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. She explained in an interview that her two stepchildren came up with the name.
  • Send It

    A slang expression for "just do it" or "don't think, go for it".