What does Send It mean?

A slang expression for "just do it" or "don't think, go for it".

Send It

Other definitions of Send It:

  • An interjection incites confidence and the "go get it" attitude. Disregarding safety is a must.
  • Military slang expression for "fire the shot".
  • A rock climbing term that means someone has executed a clean run, without falling or slipping. Began seeing use in the late 1990s.
  • A sports slang term that essentially means "do it without thinking". The expression was popularized by a viral series of videos from 2017 of Larry Enticer, a snowmobile stuntman, who often uses the phrase before taking ludicrous jumps.

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How to use the term
Send It:

  • Send it! Just go!

  • Just gonna send it. Why wouldn't I send it?

  • Shots lined up. Send it... Good.

  • She said "Just got to send it" and scrambled up the 5.13. Dude, she sent it.

  • Bystander: Larry, what are you gonna do today?
    Larry: Just gonna send it.

Video related to Send It


Larry Enticer - Just Gonna Send It - The Best Of | MGO Network, YouTube

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Send It."
  • A compilation of Larry Enticer, a stuntman, and his snowmobile stunts. Enticer is known for his prolific use of the phrase "Send It" and his blatant disregard for personal safety.

    These clips went viral in 2017 on social media sites like Facebook.

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