What does TIFU mean?

TIFU stands for "Today I F**ked Up" and usually marks the beginning of a story about how the person who said TIFU happened to f**k up today.


Other definitions of TIFU:

  • TIFU: today I fugged up. This acronym was popularized on reddit.
  • Today I fudged up.
  • Tifu may also be a martial art that nobody's heard of.

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How to use the term

  • tifu by accidentally telling my menstruating wife that she was "under the influence"

  • tifu by coming to work hung-over

  • tifu by forgetting to set the parking brake when I parked on a hill

Expanded Definition of TIFU

In the digital age, acronyms have become an integral part of online communication, encapsulating complex scenarios or feelings in just a few letters. One such acronym that has gained widespread popularity, particularly in online forums and social media, is TIFU. Let's delve into what TIFU means and the culture surrounding it.

What Does TIFU Stand For?

TIFU stands for "Today I F'd Up." It's used to preface anecdotes about personal mistakes, blunders, or embarrassing moments. The acronym sets the stage for a confessional storytelling, where individuals share their mishaps and misadventures with an online community.

Origins and Online Culture

TIFU found its footing in internet culture through forums and social media platforms, where users share stories about their day-to-day lives. It's particularly prominent on sites like Reddit, where there's even a dedicated TIFU subreddit. These platforms provide a space where people can recount their own experiences of misfortune or poor judgment, often with a humorous or self-deprecating tone.

Types of TIFU Stories

The beauty of TIFU lies in the wide range of stories it encompasses. From simple misunderstandings and small faux pas to major gaffes and life-changing errors, TIFU stories vary greatly in their severity and impact. Some common themes include:
  1. Workplace Blunders: Mistakes at work that led to embarrassing or awkward situations.
  2. Social Missteps: Misunderstandings or errors in social settings.
  3. Domestic Disasters: Everyday mishaps in personal or home life.

The Appeal of TIFU

What makes TIFU so appealing is its relatability. Everyone has moments they wish they could take back, and sharing these stories can be cathartic. It's a reminder that no one is perfect, and everyone has those days where things just don't go right. Reading and sharing TIFU stories can create a sense of community and shared human experience, often with a dose of humor. While TIFU stories are often shared for laughs, they also foster a sense of empathy. Readers are reminded of their own flawed, human nature, creating a bond of mutual understanding. The humor found in TIFU is not about mocking the person sharing their story, but rather about finding levity in the universal experience of messing up.


TIFU represents a unique aspect of internet culture, where openness, vulnerability, and humor come together to create a shared space for recounting life's less-than-stellar moments. It underscores the human propensity for error and the power of storytelling in building connections and bringing a light-hearted perspective to our everyday follies.

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