What does Uno Reverse Card mean?

A reference to the card in the game Uno that reverses the direction of play. Used as a catch-all comeback that is undeniably final.

Uno Reverse Card

Other definitions of Uno Reverse Card:

  • A card from the Mattel card game Uno that stands as the physical embodiment of the response "No U", which is used to turn an insult back at the insulter.
  • In Uno, this card immediately reverses the direction of play, putting the pressure back on the player who played right before you.
  • A rebuttal that is more powerful than the already strong "No U" comeback. States that you are not the thing claimed, but the person who said you are is actually that thing.

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How to use the term Uno Reverse Card:

  • I'm an idiot? Uno reverse card. Game over.

  • They played an Uno reverse card, and the game was sealed.

  • In response to your reverse card, I play UNO REVERSE CARD.

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