Popular Slang Terms

  • Uno Reverse Card

    A reference to the card in the game Uno that reverses the direction of play. Used as a catch-all comeback that is undeniably final.
  • Whack

    A slang word that describes something unpleasable or in bad taste.
  • Cosplay

    Slang for the art of wearing costumes to portray famous fictional characters. From "Costumed Play".
  • Touché

    A slang rebuttal that acknowledges a witty remark or good comeback.
  • Merica

    A slang expression for "America", but meanings specifically the United States of America and the stereotypical activities of the nation, which include: "Freedom", guns, bald eagles, fatness, and cars, to name a few.
  • Tight Ass

    "Tight ass" or "tight-ass" is a slang term for an uptight person, somebody who is unwilling to relax or let go. In other words, they are so uptight that their buttocks are pretty much permanently clenched.
  • Cock

    A slang term for penis, the male reproductive organ.
  • Himbo

    A slang variant of "bimbo" that is applied to males that are attractive, sometimes a bit dumb, but very sweet and adorable.
  • Mamacita

    A Mexican slang term that translates to "hot momma", though literally this means "little mother". This word is laden with sexual overtones.
  • Bomboclaat

    A expletive term from the Jamaican Patois language that is roughly equivalent to the English F-word. However, there is no literally translation into English, so Caribbean's have trouble explaining its full meaning.