Popular Slang Terms

  • Bomboclaat

    A expletive term from the Jamaican Patois language that is roughly equivalent to the English F-word. However, there is no literally translation into English, so Caribbean's have trouble explaining its full meaning.
  • Watermelon Sugar

    This term refers to the Harry Styles song of the same name, Watermelon Sugar. In the song, Styles demonstrates his adoration of the substance and the high he experiences around it. When prompted in multiple interviews, the artist alluded that the song is not about oral sex (as many have assumed), but instead the emotional feeling one experience at the beginning of a new relationship.
  • egirl

    Short for "electronic girl" and refers to a member of an online youth culture that emerged in the late 2010s.
  • Pog

    A reference to the "PogChamp" emote that expresses surprise or excitement. Gained popularity on the video-game streaming service Twitch.
  • Uno Reverse Card

    A reference to the card in the game Uno that reverses the direction of play. Used as a catch-all comeback that is undeniably final.
  • No Cap

    A term for not lying. Usually said after saying something doubtful.
  • Simp

    Refers to a person who is attempting to win favor with someone who is less than interested.
  • Boomer

    A derogatory term for a Baby Boomer, typically born between the mid-1940's and 1960s.
  • Karen

    A stereotype of an overly-entitled, middle-age white woman.
  • Kyle

    A name given to a hypothetical caricature of a white, hyper-aggressive, male teenager.