Popular Slang Terms

  • Simp

    Refers to a person who is attempting to win favor with someone who is less than interested.

  • Boomer

    A derogatory term for a Baby Boomer, typically born between the mid-1940's and 1960s.

  • Karen

    A stereotype of an overly-entitled, middle-age white woman.

  • Kyle

    A name given to a hypothetical caricature of a white, hyper-aggressive, male teenager.

  • Eboy

    Short for "electronic boy" and refers to a member of an online youth culture that emerged in the late 2010s.

  • Yeet

    An exclamation used when throwing something.

  • Thicc

    A misspelling of the word thick, and denotes being curvy or plump, usually in a good way.

  • Furry

    A broad term that most often indicates interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like traits.

  • Cringe

    A name given to all actions that would make onlookers wince in embarrassment.

  • Cringy

    Refers to the state of making other cringe by demonstrating embarrassing behavior.