What does Mamacita mean?

A Mexican slang term that translates to "hot momma", though literally this means "little mother". This word is laden with sexual overtones.


Other definitions of Mamacita:

  • Spanish term used to refer to hot woman that means "hot mother".
  • Roughly translates to "hot mommy", this phrase is often used to catcall and objectify women.
  • A Spanish-language phrase that means "hottie" or "hot mother". Typically used to label women that one wishes to make the mother of their children.
  • While this literally translates to "Little Mother" in Spanish, it typically is used to refer to hot women.

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How to use the term Mamacita:

  • Yo, mamacita. You wanna talk about the wage gap?

  • And you expect mamacita to pay for childcare while working and to have food ready every night? You're loco.

  • Don't call me 'mamacita'. I'm not your mommy.

  • Mamacita is similar to papi, no?

  • I can't believe these disrespectful men out here catcalling 'mamacita' at every woman who walks by.

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