What does POPO mean?

A slang term for police or cops.

Other definitions of POPO:

  • A nickname for a police officer, usually screamed as they approach. They usually hate being called anything other than "sir".
  • Another name for police. Derived from "po-police". Can be stylized in many varieties, including "po-po", "po po", and just "po".
  • May refer to the canceled single option "PopoZão" from the 2006 Kevin Federline album "Playing with Fire". The song's title refers to booty and the track was executive produced by his then-wife, Britney Spears. At the time, it was critically panned.

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How to use the term

  • Uh oh, here come the popo.

  • Get off of me, po-po. Somebody film this!

  • I don't know, po po. You think I would tell you if I knew?

  • If you play PopoZão one more time, we're going to have to call the popo to come get your body.

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K-Fed - PopoZão

  • A Song that mentions "POPO."
  • A 2006 canceled single from Kevin Federline's "Playing with Fire". The song was notably produced by Disco D and Federline's then-wife, Britney Spears.

    The song is/was critically panned and removed as the albums lead single.

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