Marijuana Slang Terms, Part Two

It’s time for more marijuana slang! With all the recent news about cannabis legalization, we want you all equipped with the hip hemp lingo. It appears the part one of the article has made it around the circle, and it’s your turn with the second installment. Remember: read-read-pass, so share this article with another budding smoker (get it?) to fill them in. Below are some common weed related slang words to impress your far-out friends.


Originally this term refers to cannabis derived food or drink concoctions, but is now often used to refer to just the flower itself. Budding from the Indian subcontinent, the process of making edible (and often non-psychotropic) dates back to around 2000 B.C. Today, bhang is mostly sold as beverage products.

Example: “We made out with some bhang, so we got a good deal”.


This term refers to approximately one ounce of pot. The term originated Chicago in the 50’s, when dealers would use old, one ounce tobacco cans filled with weed to make deals.

Example: “Give me a can of that good stuff”.

Cross Faded

To be drunk and high at the same time. When one form of inebriation doesn’t cut it, getting cross faded can get you there. Handle with care though, dear reader, the combination can lead to intense sensations.

Example: “I got cross faded at that party last weekend. I’m still spinning”.


One eighth ounce of weed (which is about three and half grams). Depending on where you’re located, this can be anywhere from $30, upwards to $60.

Example: “My dealer gave me a great deal on an eighth. Let me give you their number.”


Half of an ounce of weed (which is about 14 grams). This can cost anywhere from $120 to $180, depending on how friendly your area is to the lifestyle. True ballers may use the term to a half pound of weed, but you will for sure see a large price jump at those quantities. Most places will understand you’re talking about half an ounce if you ask for a half.

Example: “We could get a half and split it. It’s a good discount at that quantity”.

Left Handed Cigarette

A joint. Obviously, cigarettes don’t have a preference as to which hand they’re held, and this slang rose up in the 1930’s and 40’s as a slick way to refer to reefer from jive talk.

Example: “I’ll pack a left handed cigarette for the outdoor movie tonight”.

Pull ‘N’ Snap

Hash oil or extract with a very particular consistency, which allows it snap when pulled apart. Concentrates can be made runny or solid, but to get this Goldilocks-like equilibrium takes some serious dedication to the process, and likely points to the smokable’s premium origin.

Example: “…and then we had some pull ‘n’ snap and the party really got started.”

Trim Run

Describes the process of making concentrate with the “leftovers” of the cannabis plant (leaves, stems and the smaller nugs of flower) that come after harvesting the larger buds, which are often referred to as trim. The concentrate often closely resembles the extracts made with more premium parts of the plant, but true ents can tell the difference in the batches. The flip side of a trim run is the nug run, where very desirable parts of the plant are used during extraction.

Example: “We’re doing a trim run now that’ll be done in the next day or so”.


Another term for one ounce of ganja. The term originates from the commonly used container to deal weed: the zip-lock bag. Not too much imagination went into this one, but we want you to be prepared if your dealer drops this lingo on you.

Examples: “You want one or two zips?” and “My partner had a zip, so yeah, we had a good time”.

In case you missed it, here’s part one of this reefer madness.

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