What does Zaddy mean?

A slang term for very confident man, typically one of a slightly older age. A modification of "daddy", this term carries many of the same sexual connotations.


Other definitions of Zaddy:

  • Similar to a "Daddy", but even more confident and sexy. Takes care of their partner and never doubts themselves.
  • A nickname for a male who is extremely confident and deserves it all. Popularized by Ty Dolla $ign in a 2016 song, in which a woman is deeply in love with his confidence.
  • Another name, similar to 'daddy', that denotes a man who is super sexy and confident, so much so, you'd consider having his babies. Typically rich and fashionable.

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How to use the term

  • Oh my lord. What a ZADDY!

  • I messed up, and he's no long my zaddy. I really messed up.

  • I'm getting zaddy-vibes from contestant number three.

  • We don't need no paternity test. We know he's zaddy af.

Video related to Zaddy


Ty Dolla $ign - Zaddy [Music Video]

  • A Song that mentions "Zaddy."
  • A 2016 single by Ty Dolla $ign named after the term "Zaddy".

    In the song, Mr. $ign explains that a woman is almost obsessed with him due to his extreme confidence. In the video, we see a robotic woman (played by Korean model Jung Min Ji) walking the streets of Tokyo, longing after $ign.

  • Check it Out

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