What does Kyle mean?

A name given to a hypothetical caricature of a white, hyper-aggressive, male teenager.


Other definitions of Kyle:

  • A young, angry, white boy. Usually only harms Monster Energy drinks and drywall when they lose a Call of Duty match.
  • Angry young white boys are given this name, because it embodies their spirit animal: an angry, young white boy.
  • An internet meme moniker given to adolescent (typically white) men who chug monster energy drinks and over value violence.

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How to use the term

  • Bro, it would be pretty Kyle if I punched this wall.

  • He was being such a Kyle, just chugging Monsters in the corner.

  • I had a cousin who's name was actually Kyle and he acted so kyle.

Video related to Kyle


When Your Name is Kyle (Trevor Wallace, YouTube)

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Kyle."
  • A short comedy video in which Wallace displays how one who is very "Kyle" would act. Things run amok when he meets another "Kyle".

  • Check it Out

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