What does EMO mean?

A slang abbreviation of "emotional". This can describe a person, a style of aesthetic, or a genre of music.


Other definitions of EMO:

  • Short for Emotional Hardcore, a 1980s genre of music derived from punk, but characterized by melodramatic/personal lyrics.
  • Shorthand for a fan of emo music. These fans can sometimes be recognized by a ubiquitous style of dress that utilizes a lot of black clothing, died hair, skinny jeans, etc.
  • Can be a derogatory term for an overly emotional person.
  • Of or relating to emocore music, a melodic and confessional punk rock. Can describe fans or style, for example.

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How to use the term

  • You're looking for an emo haircut?

  • It was jarring that you went from an emo record to a reggae one.

  • I can understand why so many teenagers turn towards the Emo scene. It's a hard time and it can feel overwhelming for many.

  • Many confuse goth and emo, but there are subtle differences.

  • The emo community seems to be pretty accepting. There's a lot of courage in admitting emotionality.

Video related to EMO


A Brief History of Emo | Pitchfork, YouTube

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "EMO."
  • An animation from a series published by Pitchfork that covers different genres of music.

    In this episode, three "emo" teenagers put on a presentation explaining the origin of emo music.

  • Check it Out

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