What does CRACKER mean?

A slang term for a white person. First recorded in the 1400s, the term has many supposed origins, including "cracker of the whip", corn-cracker (whites needed to crack their own corn after the end of slavery), or "cracker of jokes".


Other definitions of CRACKER:

  • A slang term for white people, typically used in the Southern United States, especially in Georgia and Florida. The term can be disparaging, but also neutral or friendly.
  • another slang term similar to "red neck", often referring to someone from the south of the USA who is ignorant and backwards thinking; usually white and usually racist
  • Can sometimes refer to the Gaelic word "craic" which means "talk". Essentially, means "talker" or someone with the gift of gab.
  • Similar to a hacker, a cracker is someone who breaks computer security systems.

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How to use the term

  • Believe it or not, cracker is not as bad as the N-word.

  • Look at all the crackers in this Cracker-Barrel.

  • look at that cracker, he beats his wife and drinks all day

  • Oy, gowk on, ya eejit cracker!

  • We'll get a cracker on it and get you security bypass ASAP.


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