What does Himbo mean?

A slang variant of "bimbo" that is applied to males that are attractive, sometimes a bit dumb, but very sweet and adorable.

Other definitions of Himbo:

  • A man version of a "bimbo" or sexy airhead. Often portrayed as stupid, but sweet.
  • A guy who is a bit slow, but very sexy and always trying is best.
  • Generally portrayed as a large, oafish man who is attractive and loyal. Think of a dog that could take you on dates and laugh at any of your jokes (if he understands them).

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How to use the term

  • There are plenty of examples of the himbo in romantic comedies throughout the ages.

  • He's a bit of a himbo, but after my last "intellectual" boyfriend, I could use a little fun.

  • You're nothing but a himbo, honey. We'd both get bored, quick.

  • I'm aiming for "himbo" energy, so I'll just keep smiling, even though I'm not sure what's going on.

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