What does Yas Queen mean?

An encouraging exclamation that is offered to someone you find inspiring and accept as royalty.

Other definitions of Yas Queen:

  • A prolific term in the LGBTQ+ community. Queen was once a derogatory term for a gay man, but has been adopted as a term of endearment. Yas is a radical acknowledgement of someone and a positive response to their actions.
  • A playful slang phrase that exhibits excitement and celebration. The term grew in popularity due to drag ball culture growth from the 1980s onward.
  • Used to show complete agreement or enthusiasm with someone's style, life, or decisions.
  • A modification of "Yes" that emphasizes the endorsement, and "Queen", which shows reverence and support to that individual, as they are royalty in your mind. More A's and S's can be added to show overwhelming support.

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How to use the term
Yas Queen:

  • You're going for your Masters? YAS QUEEN.

  • Person 1) You want to get more pizza?
    Person 2) Yas queen!

  • You dumped that jerk? YAAASSS QUEEN.

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