What does Whack mean?

A slang word that describes something unpleasable or in bad taste.


Other definitions of Whack:

  • Can be used in place of "murder" or "kill", as in to "whack someone".
  • Depending on context, can describe masturbation or handjobs.
  • A quick strike or hit.
  • British slang for getting the better of someone, defeating them.
  • May refer to a portion or share of something.

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How to use the term

  • Yo, this new flavor is whack. What were they thinking adding so much salt?

  • I need you to whack someone for me. He's been getting awfully negative about my management style.

  • The dude went into that stall and whacked off. I could hear him moaning.

  • Whack that big button on the wall. That should unlock the next level.

  • Whacked them right proper, didn't I? Cricket never was their game.

  • Take a whack of that cheesecake to take home.


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