What does Bomboclaat mean?

A expletive term from the Jamaican Patois language that is roughly equivalent to the English F-word. However, there is no literally translation into English, so Caribbean's have trouble explaining its full meaning.

Other definitions of Bomboclaat:

  • A Jamaican expletive that is used to express anger, fear, or disappointment. Can also be used to exaggerate other words.
  • Sometimes spelled bumboclaat, this Jamaican curse word was popularized on Twitter in 2019. The term roughly translates to "fuck" or "shit", but has many uses outside of that, and was shared heavily without defining, leading to confusion among many readers.
  • A Jamaican Patois catch-all curse term that lacks a literal translation in English.

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How to use the term

  • Angry Person: Where you all bomboclaat do?

  • *Enters room* "Bomboclaat." *Leaves room*

  • When he stubbed his toe, he yelled out "BOMBOCLAAT!"


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