What does Touché mean?

A slang rebuttal that acknowledges a witty remark or good comeback.

Other definitions of Touché:

  • Adapted from fencing, where saying "touche" is a way to acknowledge your opponent has scored a hit — the term is now used in conversation to acknowledge somebody's remark or retort.
  • From the French expression meaning literally "touch", this phrase has been used in the sport of Fencing since the 1920s. However, the phrase now is used to recognize someone's success in an argument or a witty point.
  • An acknowledgement that what was said is true, and you now accept their answer, instead of your own remarks.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: In fact, I think we can see here, the very opposite is true.
    Person 2: Ah. Touché.

  • Touché. I believe you've put the proverbial nail in the coffin here. Good game.

  • "Counterpoint — doing anything of the sort would make you a huge dick".

    "Touche. I don't want to be a dick".

  • Touché, Mr. Sherlock. I fear I have no where else to run in this debate. You've caught me.


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