What does TBT mean?

An acronym that means "Throwback Thursday" — posting old photos or images on social media on Thursdays to recollect or reminisce about the past. Does not have to be posted on Thursday, though this is how the trend started.


Other definitions of TBT:

  • Can mean: Talk By Typing
  • Throw back thursday
  • Stands for "The Basketball Tournament", a 5-on-5, winner take all tournament with a million dollar payout.

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How to use the term

  • #TBT — This is me and my girls way back in the day. We've come so far! Happy Thursday everyone!

  • Activate t.b.t. when you're driving so that you aren't trying to type when you should be watching the road.

  • Today is throw back thursday

  • The Golden Eagles are one of the best teams in the TBT. Believe that.


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