What does MM mean?

A slang response that means "I agree" or "I see". Represents the sound you make while nodding and humming in agreement with someone. This can, however, sound negative, so use caution.


Other definitions of MM:

  • An initialism of "Mutual Masturbation", when two or more individuals help each other jerk off.
  • Missing my
  • Can refer to "my mom" or "my mommy". Either a reference to your own mother, or the mother of your children.
  • Can refer to "middleman", a person who holds goods for a deal between two other people.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: So, what do you think?
    Person 2: Mm.

  • We stayed home and practiced some MM together. I gotta give them a hand, they've got a good grip on things.

  • MM bae. Can't wait until she's off work!

  • No one is smarter and more loving than M.M.

  • Fence the goods to a mm and make sure we get a good cut. We're gunna be rich.


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