What does Yandere mean?

A Japanese slang term that describes a person who is obsessed with a relationship, and will go to any length to ensure its success. Beyond head-over-heels, this person will stalk and do significant actions to keep a relationship.


Other definitions of Yandere:

  • A portmanteau of two Japanese terms (Yanderu = to be sick, Dere-dere = lovestruck), that defines a person as being capable of violence to start or keep a romantic relationship.
  • A character, usually female, who is willing to hurt others due to feelings of jealousy and control.

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How to use the term

  • Ugh. I get so sick of yandere characters.

  • And would you describe her as yandere with you?

  • We're running from that yandere chick who is super into you!


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