What does Cat Calling mean?

Slang for rude, sexual remarks made towards people passing by, often women passing men on the street.

Other definitions of Cat Calling:

  • The act of men commenting on a women's body on the street. Often done by groups of men, this objectification never results in a relationship.
  • When rude sexual remarks are given to a woman passing by, completely unsolicited.
  • Men using sexual remarks to strangers passing by to express how they feel in the most primitive, awful way. Harassment that should be called out and stopped when seen.

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How to use the term
Cat Calling:

  • Those creeps are out there cat calling again.

  • Have you ever been cat called? It's the worst.

  • You're grounded. We heard you've been cat-calling again.

  • "Hey, girl. You've got a beautiful bod..."

    "Hey, man. Knock that shit off. She's just trying to get through her day. Now watch me dig this hole for another couple hours."


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