What does Fuck Buddy mean?

A slang term for when two people engage in sexual relations with each other while agreeing to avoid long term commitment or attachment.

Fuck Buddy

Other definitions of Fuck Buddy:

  • People who have casual sex with each other while maintaining a friendly relationship that does not involve long-term commitments.
  • Two people that are close friends that see no harm in having sex with each other, and understand they are not committed to only one another. Often, the situation is open, meaning the two are free to also have sex with others, though this should be expressly communicated.
  • A relationship in which the people involved enjoy the benefits of casual sex while avoiding the potential downsides of a long-term, committed, relationship.
  • When two people are so chill with each other, sex between the two is a form of hanging out. They may be close and best friends, or it may be extremely casual, but that's more like a fling.

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How to use the term
Fuck Buddy:

  • I've got a fuck-buddy coming over later, so we'll be busy.

  • What, are you two fuckbuddies now?

  • It could just be a fuckbuddy situation, no?

  • Well, we met in college and it was just fuck-buddies back then, but then we fell in love, had kids, and lived our lives together.

  • Two people who are willing to have sex with each other should also be willing to have a conversation about what that means to them. Are they just fuck buddies, or is this more exclusive?


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