What does HJ mean?

An acronym for "Hand Job", which is sexual stimulation done manually.

Other definitions of HJ:

  • Stands for handjob, which is using only hand(s) to stimulate a penis until ejaculation.
  • A handjob, or stroking a cock with hands.
  • Abbreviation for "hand job", an act of masturbation, especially if performed by a partner on a man. First use of the term dates back to the 1930s.
  • Handjob, the oldest member of the sexual job family, with other members like blowjob or footjob.

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How to use the term

  • That HJ was sure some handiwork. Great job!

  • What a H.J.! Thanks mister!

  • Take the proper steps to enjoy your hj. Prepare lubrication, and never take off without a plan in place for your little fellows you're setting free.

  • No one has gotten a HJ in cargo shorts since 'Nam.

  • Getting an H.J at the end of an erotic massage is a Happy Ending.


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