What does Body Count mean?

A slang term for the number of people someone has slept with. Originally, the term referred to number of victims or bodies in a crime.

Body Count

Other definitions of Body Count:

  • The number of people you've had sex with.
  • In a police report, the number of dead victims from a crime. However, the term may be referring to how many people someone has had sexual relations with.
  • A braggadocios term that indicates the total number of sexual partners someone has had. Slightly egotistical, the term equates sex with slaying.

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How to use the term
Body Count:

  • Oh, you're a player? What's your body count?

  • We have a body count on that terrorist attack, yet?

  • Let me see your Tinder. Let's get a body count going.

  • The body count on the attempted coup was too high.


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