What does Unicorn mean?

A term referring to the mythical creature, a magical horse with a horn, which is extremely rare in most fictional worlds. Modern use refers to a sexual/life partner that is so extraordinary, they are considered very rare.


Other definitions of Unicorn:

  • Within the swinging community, refers to a single woman who is looking for a couple seeking a polyamorous relationship. Typically extremely rare.
  • A partner that has so many favorable traits, it's amazing you could find them and they have not already been taken. As hard to find as a real unicorn.
  • A fictional horse that has magic and a horn on its head. Extremely difficult to find, harder to befriend, and impossible to tame, these creatures can neutralize poisons and resurrect the dead.

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How to use the term

  • As soon as I realized they were a unicorn to me, I asked them to marry me.

  • We've been looking for a unicorn for awhile now to help spice things up.

  • Hark, elves! Before you loose your arrows, let us explain how this unicorn came to perish. Our tale will reveal the truth of this poor creatures fate.

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  • This trailer features Walton Goggins as the titular unicorn. Here, he is a charming man whose wife has passed away. The show is about him reentering the dating scene, and being often regarded as an cold-hearted catch.

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