What does That’s What She Said mean?

A slang phrase that indicate the resemblance of what was just said to sexual innuendo.

That’s What She Said

Other definitions of That’s What She Said:

  • What you say when somebody says something dirty/funny and that a woman could have just said within the privacy of the bedroom.
  • A versatile joke that can be inserted after any sentence that contains sexual innuendo — basically, you can imagine a woman saying this in a sexual way. Can be modified in many ways.
  • A phrase that can be used to turn any simple comment or sentence into a sexual joke, in which a woman has just said the previous comment.
  • A form of innuendo that transforms innocent statements into lewd or sexual sounding. Popularized by TV show The Office.

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How to use the term
That’s What She Said:

  • Person 1: Oh my god! This is so hard!
    Person 2: That's what she said!

  • "Oh, I like it bloody. The bloodier the better, really".

    "That's what he said!"

  • Lawyer: "And you were directly under her the entire time?"

    Witness: "That's what she said."

  • Person setting up an entertainment center: Almost done.

    Home Owner: This is frustrating, just stick it in! I want to play!

    Me: ...That's what she said.

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Every "That's What She Said" Ever - The Office | The Office, YouTube

  • A TV Show that mentions "That’s What She Said."
  • Various clips from the American version of The Office.

    The incompetent boss, Michael Scott, believes the phrase to be amazing humor (despite him using incorrectly or perhaps not appropriately).

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