What does Dick Print mean?

A slang term for when a gentleman's pants are so tight, you can see the outline of their dick through the fabric.

Dick Print

Other definitions of Dick Print:

  • Tight fitting trousers that end up having a defined area where a boy's penis is clearly visible.
  • Any mark left on a body via a dick, like when slapping or pressing into someone.
  • Grip marks left on a penis after gripping it too tightly, which usually are more apparent in cold temperatures.
  • A derogatory term for children or offspring.

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How to use the term
Dick Print:

  • Dude, you got dick print going on. You need looser pants.

  • Those scene boys with those skinny jeans have some major dickprints going on.

  • I left a dick print on your booty. Sorry!

  • That action in the igloo left me with a dickprint so severe, I had to go to medical to make sure it wasn't going to fall off.

  • All these dick-prints running around underfoot. You guys have been busy.


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