What does Rule 34 mean?

A rule that designates that "If it exists, there is porn of it". A reference to the absurdist "Rules of the Internet", which gained popularity on early 4chan message boards. The number is arbitrarily chosen.

Rule 34

Other definitions of Rule 34:

  • A rule stating that "If it is online, there is pornography of it". Describes the prolific nature of pornographic co-option of anything on online spaces.
  • The 34th "Rule of the Internet"; it states any character, media, or object imaginable will have porn associated with it somewhere on the internet.
  • A rule proliferated by pornographic artists on the internet that claims "If it exists, porn will be made of it". Most commonly used on edgier message boards to share fan art of specific franchises.

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How to use the term
Rule 34:

  • I got fired because I was looking up what Rule 34 meant because I had no idea.

  • Rule 34 will ruin your favorite children's show.

  • By invoking Rule 34 in public, prepare to look like quite the neckbeard.


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