What does DDLG mean?

A slang acronym for "Daddy Dom / Little Girl". A type of BDSM relationship (though not always sexual in nature) in which one person is a caregiver, or "daddy", and the other acts immature, or "little".

Other definitions of DDLG:

  • Stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl. A form of BDSM relationship where the dom acts as the adult, taking care of and loving the childlike little. Some couples find extreme comfort in this relationship dynamic.
  • Daddy Dominator and Little Girl. A relationship arrangement between two consenting adults in which one takes on the role of the father like "daddy" and the other acts like the child "little". Not always sexual in nature, this arrangement has gained popularity since 2010.
  • Means Daddy Dom, Little Girl. Most often a BDSM arrangement between older male and younger female, but can be between anyone. Another acronym CG/L is more general, meaning Care Giver/Little.
  • A form of age-play that is prevalent in the BDSM community that means Daddy Dom/Little Girl.

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How to use the term

  • We have a DDLG relationship that has lasted for 6 years. We're quite happy with the arrangement.

  • 24 y/o LG seeking DD.

  • What kind of DDLG relationship we talking? Packing you lunches and coloring time, or changing diapers?

  • We played with some DDLG roleplay to see if that would spice things up. It was cute and fun.


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