What does 69 mean?

Usually refers to a sexual position in which both parties give and receive oral sex simultaneously


Other definitions of 69:

  • 69 refers specifically to oral sex, but can be used to describe any two objects that are aligned in a 'yin-yang' configuration
  • 69 refers to when two people reciprocate mutual benefits of any kind, i.e. a foot massage 69
  • A number, the integer right before 70 to be precise
  • An ordinary number that has been corrupted by sex-crazed internet culture, according to boomers
  • The 69th President of the United States (if the US makes it that far)
  • Sometimes used as a verb, as in "69ing"

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How to use the term

  • How much was that candy bar? 69 cents. *chortles*

  • Hey check out those giant balloon animals -- they look like they're 69ing!


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