What does Giving Head mean?

Slang term for the act of conducting oral sex. The person receiving is "getting head".

Giving Head

Other definitions of Giving Head:

  • Another name for going down on someone, which is to say: licking their privates.
  • Typically refers to sucking a dick, but can be used to describe any act of oral sex.
  • Head refers to oral sex, so here it is giving oral sex, which most everybody will be appreciative about. Talk with your partner about wants and needs.
  • Fairly jocular way to refer to going down on a man. Sounds a bit juvenile.

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How to use the term
Giving Head:

  • Wait, you went into their room on accident and they were giving head?

  • How do you feel about me giving head?

  • He was just giving me head and then BAM a bird flew into the window. I almost squeezed his head off.

  • When you were giving head, I hope everything smelled alright.

  • I mean, she was gung-ho back in the day. Giving head on the first date and whatever. We've seen a sex therapist for a few months, and things are finally drifting back to normal. It's all about communication, baby!


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