What does Wingnut mean?

A slang pejorative term for a person who holds extreme, often irrational, political views. Can refer to any extreme views, but primarily refers to those considered right wing.

Wingnut, Decorated Elephants in Background

Other definitions of Wingnut:

  • Someone who advocates for extreme political measures; a radical.
  • A term for a party-extremist that is often used in American politics.
  • Someone who holds extreme right wing views in politics. The alternative term "moonbat" is typically applied to anyone with extreme leftist ideals.
  • Shorthand for an extremist on the political spectrum who holds fringe beliefs.

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How to use the term

  • That wingnut would never cross the aisle to help his constituents.

  • Does the line between wingnut and fascist blur more and more?

  • Don't be such a wingnut. We're talking about people who literally cannot pull themselves up by the bootstraps. They don't even have bootstraps.

  • How's that wingnut uncle of yours?

  • I cannot do another Thanksgiving with that wingnut.


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