What does Grooming mean?

A slang term for the act of conditioning and training someone, usually over a long period, to do something specific. The act is used often to describe the act of preparing younger people for sexual acts.


Other definitions of Grooming:

  • The act of coercing someone into subservience, especially regarding sexual favors, over some period of time. Usually conducted by sex traffickers or pedophiles.
  • Similar to gaslighting, the act of "training" another person into certain behaviors.
  • Originally refers to maintaining an animals coat, has come to describe the process of training someone to do something, usually to do something they would not have chosen.

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How to use the term

  • We've seen an increase in young teens caught in sexual grooming schemes.

  • I dumped that dude when I realized he was trying to groom me to be his personal toy.

  • What are you doing? Grooming me to be quiet and docile? Fuck you, dude.

  • I had to seek help to get me out of a grooming situation. Thankfully, I could get out.


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