What does Roleplay mean?

Slang term for acting or pretending to be a certain character or historical figure. Part acting, part improvisation.


Other definitions of Roleplay:

  • Acting/speaking as a character, real or fictional. Often used to describe the act of pretending you are your avatar in games.
  • Adopting a false identity online and acting like someone else in your posts. Similar to catfishing, but the aim is only to act like someone else, not necessarily for your own gain.
  • Pretending to be someone else or act with certain traits. Can be used to flirt or during foreplay/intercourse as a way to spice things up as many partners like a little novelty in the bedroom. Common scenarios include doctors/nurses, for example.
  • May refer to certain video games (roleplay games = RPG) that allow the player to place themselves in the shoes of the playable character, making decisions in the fabricated environment. Here, the term originates from certain pen & paper roleplaying games, like Dungeons & Dragons.

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How to use the term

  • We're going to try a roleplaying scenario where I'll play Mary Todd Lincoln.

  • I'm roleplaying a dark elf from Menzoberranzan tonight.

  • I'm pretty sure that's not Taylor Swift and just somebody roleplaying.

  • Let's do some roleplay for foreplay. You play my strict teacher, and I'll be a student who really needs to pass.

  • A common trait in roleplaying games is long tutorials and extremely long playtimes.


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