What does DEBO mean?

A slang term meaning to steal or to run away with. Typically in a tough, take-charge manner. A reference to the character Debo from the 1995 film Friday, who would roll up and take stuff constantly.

Other definitions of DEBO:

  • To grab or steal stuff. From the film Friday, where a character with this name would steal stuff.
  • Stealing or thieving. From Tommy Lister's character "Debo" from the movie Friday. He was so notorious, that others would hide their stuff when he would roll up.

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How to use the term

  • Yo. We gonna debo those speakers or what?

  • Hide that chain, or he'll come debo it real quick.

  • You boys better not be debo-ing all these bikes.

Video related to DEBO


The Best of DEBO | Friday, YouTube

  • A Movie that mentions "DEBO."
  • A short compilation of moments from the character Debo from the 1995 film Friday.

    In the comp, Debo demonstrates a number of incidents in which he "debos" others goods and materials.

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