What does Fuck mean?

A catch-all slang curse word that can mean many things. Often used as an interjection to express anger or disgust, it can also indicate sexual intercourse or unjust treatment/meddling.


Other definitions of Fuck:

  • One of the most prolific four-letter curse words. First recorded use is from around 1500, from the Middle Dutch fokken, meaning "to thrust, copulate with". Still indicates this, but also many other usages exist.
  • An extremely flexible curse that can replace a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective. Used to emphasize parts of speech.
  • An expletive that can replace/augment many words or ideas. Generally thought of as one of the worst curses, this one is know for its adaptive use and modification abilities.

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How to use the term

  • Whoa. I can't fucking believe this.

  • We don't really give a fuck, do we?

  • Are you trying to fuck that? Your standards are fucked...

  • I give zero fucks about what you think.


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