What does Kook mean?

A derogatory slang word for somebody who hasn't learned the basics of surfing. These noobs will often get in the way of better surfers.

Other definitions of Kook:

  • An insult word for beginner surfers. These people will often ruin a good day on the water and will try to adopt mannerisms or aesthetics of surfer culture before "earning" it.

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How to use the term

  • Lots of kooks out on the water tonight, boys. Better get ready.

  • Look out for the kooks when you're in. They're everywhere today.

Video related to Kook


World's Biggest KOOK | CaseyNeistat, YouTube

  • A Video that mentions "Kook."
  • A Casey Neistat vlog-type video covering the culture of surfing and the perveance of kooks. He is teasing, pointing out he is the "World's largest kook".

  • Check it Out

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