What does Dumbass mean?

Slang term for a thoroughly stupid person.


Other definitions of Dumbass:

  • An Americanism for a really stupid or foolish person that began seeing popular use in the 1970s.
  • An extremely stupid or contemptible person who seems intent on ruining stuff with their lack of intellect.
  • Refers to someone who is dumb and complete ass at the same time, often doing unfathomable things. Can also describe objects that seem awful or stupid.

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How to use the term

  • Don't be a dumbass and help your grandpa pick up all those pebbles.

  • You're being a dumb-ass. Cut it out.

  • The real dumb ass move is when he jumped off the roof into the fire and then the pool. He gets really stupid drunk.

  • Move your dumbass car, you freakin' jerk.


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