What does White Knight mean?

Slang for a champion who fights for a cause, as in politics or discussions. In modern terms, this often describes a man who comes to the unsolicited defense of women, often in the hopes of sexual favor.

Other definitions of White Knight:

  • Generally, a person who rushes to the defense of another (related to the words origin, from 12th century French poetry as the customary hero). However, has come to describe men who champion women in the hopes of romantic relationships.
  • In regards to internet culture, often denotes a man who comes to the unsolicited aid of women, seeking their approval. Seeing women as damsels in distress, the white knight often forgets that these women can defend themselves.
  • The hero of many folklore stories, classified with shining or white armor that protects them from the forces of evil.

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How to use the term
White Knight:

  • Oh wow. There's a lot of white knighting going on in this discussion.

  • Ew, gross. I don't need a white knight to fight my battles for me... good sir.

  • Don't be a whiteknight about this.

  • And the white-knight slew the dragon, saving the day once again.


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