What does MO mean?

A slang initialism for "Modus Operandi", which is a way of doing something, especially if it's well-established.

Other definitions of MO:

  • Can stand for Modus Operandi, or M.O. Translating to mode, or manner of operating, it is often used in policework while discussing the methods employed by criminals.
  • May stand for "Move On", telling someone to either physically move or to change off the current topic.
  • Short for "more", like in the expression "mo' money, mo' problems".
  • May be short for "homo", though this use is typically used as a tongue-in-cheek term of endearment between gay friends.

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How to use the term

  • This guys M.O. is always the same: come in through the front of the store, guns blazing, screaming at the tellers to empty the register.

  • Does the perp have an established MO? Maybe the two cases are closer than we know.

  • Just MO, okay? We don't need to talk it to death.

  • Yo. You got any mo' of that soup? So tasty.

  • So, 'mo, did you get back on the dating train or what?


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