What does TRA mean?

A slang word for "Bye" or "Farewell". From the UK slang "Turrah".


Other definitions of TRA:

  • Can stand for "Transfer", often found on bank statements or invoices.
  • Initialism that stands for "Trans Rights Activism", a shady attempt to equate the movement to MRA, or Men's Rights Activism.
  • Another way to agree or claim something is "true". Usually, when using the term like this, you emphasize the word to sound like "true" said by a surfer-bro.

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How to use the term

  • Talk to you later. Tra!

  • Why did this "TRA" line incur a fee on my account? I thought transfers on my savings account were free.

  • Well, a pretty major difference is a history of persecution and being denied basic rights amongst the Trans community. That's another reason trying to compare what you call "TRA" groups to Men's Rights Activists, or MRA is pretty ridiculous.

  • Dude, bro, it's so tra! I can't get enough of these fries. So tra!


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