What does Yes Sir mean?

A slang affirmation that can suggest a myriad of emotions: respect, sarcasm, enthusiasm, etc.

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Other definitions of Yes Sir:

  • A quick confirmation that shows you are eager or respectful.
  • Affirmative when speaking to a superior, typically male. Used quite often by military personnel.
  • Special way to say yes and stroke the ego of a male superior. Can be connected into "yessir", but often appears more sarcastic in this form.

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How to use the term
Yes Sir:

  • Person 1: Did you get it done?
    Person 2: Yessir, I did.

  • Yes-sir! We do have these jackets in larger sizes.

  • "And what do we say to a superior officer who asked a question, recruits?"
    "Sir, YES SIR"

  • Yezzir, we got it on lock.


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