What does Wook mean?

A slang term for a vagabond hippie that frequents music festivals. Typically has very little in terms of possessions, and frequently borrows or "bums" food, drugs, and tickets.


Other definitions of Wook:

  • A hippy with no ambition other than going to festivals, having sex, and doing drugs. Tend to travel in groups from campsite to campsite, looking for free handouts.
  • From the term "wookie", the race of the hairy companion of Han Solo, this pejorative term is applied to dirty, hippie types that lack any personal wealth, seeking only to enjoy life, and bum/hitch-hike their lives away.

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How to use the term

  • I had to walk through a crowd of wooks just to get to the bathrooms.

  • Did you survive the pack of wooks looking for free tickets? Like who would drive all the way out here to give away hundreds of dollars of tickets?

  • Looks like nobody let the wook win. Here, you can have my leftovers.


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