What does Stripper mean?

Slang for the occupation that involves stripping off one's clothing and dancing for other's enjoyment

Other definitions of Stripper:

  • May refer to a tool that is used to strip, or remove, casing from wire or pipe.
  • An exotic dancer or stripteaser, an individual who strips, removing their clothing, for the viewing pleasure of others. May conduct their business at an establishment (strip club) or do private parties.
  • May refer to the farm equipment that harvests certain crops from their stalks.
  • A chemical solution that removes paint or other materials from a surface so that it can be cleaned and refinished.

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How to use the term

  • Did you hire a stripper for my party?

  • There's a stripper in my toolbag. Take that wire back a bit before soldering it.

  • There are a lot of strippers in Northern Oregon.

  • Take the stripper attachment on the tractor and head out to the cotton field.

  • We'll put a stripper on the wall and scrape off the rest of the paint before putting down another primer coat.


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