What does VVS mean?

A slang initialism to refer to a high quality/clarity diamond. From the grading scale of diamonds, where VVS, meaning Very Very Slightly, is near the top, only under flawless graded gems.

Other definitions of VVS:

  • Means Very, Very Slightly included, and is a reference to diamond clarity.
  • An acronym meaning "Very, very slight inclusions". A grade that a gem (diamonds specifically) earn when they're super high quality. Many rappers like bragging about how high quality their gems are.
  • Can stand for "Vertical Video Syndrome", describing someone who records video with their smartphone in a vertical orientation, a faux pas on many video sharing sites.

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How to use the term

  • Actually, the diamond in this ring is rated VVS.

  • With the VVS rating on the big gem, this is now my most expensive piece.

  • VVS, I can see all this clarity.

  • Dude, this uploader must have VVS. Everything they upload I have to reorient.


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