Slang Terms Beginning with P

  • Pee Pee

    Slang term for urine, the yellowish waste secretion from many mammals.
  • Prick

    A slang term for a jerk or asshole. Like a prick or poke, they're often an annoyance.
  • Player

    A slang term for a person who is flirtatious with many people in the attempt to have sexual relations with as many people as possible.
  • Perico

    A Spanish slang that literally means parakeet or parrot, but refers to cocaine. While high on cocaine, many people become very talkative, like a parrot.
  • Paisan

    An informal slang term for a fellow countryman or close friend that is used by people of Italian or Spanish descent. The term comes from the Neapolitan language word "paisano", which means roughly the same thing.
  • Plenty of Fish

    An online dating website created by a company based in British Columbia. The site is known for being free, with premium features.
  • Pause

    A slang interjection that is used to negate the sexual connotations of a previously made comment. Often used after accidently saying something that can be interpreted as homosexual.
  • Prone Bone

    A slang term for a sexual position in which one partner lays on their stomach and the other mounts and inserts from behind.
  • POPO

    A slang term for police or cops.
  • Pobrecito

    A Spanish slang phrase that roughly translates to "Poor Little Buddy". Used to express empathy or compassion for someone in a bad situation.
  • Pennywise

    One name for the main antagonist in Stephen King's horror novel It. The cosmic evil entity preys on children in the town of Derry, Maine, and can take the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
  • Peg

    A term for the sexual practice of a woman penetrating a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.
  • Papi

    The Spanish word for "Daddy". The term is slang in a similar way to "daddy", sometimes used between sexual partners with no familial relation.
  • Phat Ass

    A reference to a large, rotund rear-end. Unlike "fat ass", this term is often used positively, noting a butt that is pleasurable looking.
  • Poen

    A common misspelling of the word "porn" — often typed by accident, perhaps one-handed during the twilight hours.
  • Poggers

    A reference to the "PogChamp" emote that expresses surprise or excitement. Gained popularity on the video-game streaming service Twitch.
  • Preach

    An exclamation that is used to convey agreement or affirmation to a speaker, used as a word of encouragement.
  • Pegging

    A term for the sexual practice of a woman penetrating a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.
  • Pog

    A reference to the "PogChamp" emote that expresses surprise or excitement. Gained popularity on the video-game streaming service Twitch.
  • Pron

    A deliberate misspelling of the word "porn", used to get around Internet filters.
  • Pansexual

    Refers to a person who's sexual orientation is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Pull N Snap

    Refers to cannabis extract that can be pulled, and snaps after a good amount of stretch.
  • PAP

    Post a picture - most commonly used on social media.

    Own to Own Contest
  • PWN3D

  • PWND

  • PWNT

  • PWOF

    Putting wood on the fire
  • PWP

    parents without partners
  • PWPF

    Pulse-Width, Pulse-Frequency
  • PWS

    Please Write Soon
  • PWT

    Poor White Trash
  • PX

    PX is a common acronym and abbreviation for many things including: Picture Pixel Prescription Prognosis Post Exchange (military market & supply store) Physical Exam Personal Exchange Price (px)
  • PXT

    Please Explain That

    Pull your head out of your ass
  • PYM

    Problem Younger Man
  • PYR

    Per Your Request
  • PYS

    Pack Your Stuff

    Put yourself in my place
  • PYT

    Prove Yourself True
  • PYW

    Problem Younger Woman
  • PTTF

    Peace To The Family
  • PTUM

    Please Tell Us More
  • PU

    that stinks
  • PUA

    Pick Up Artist

    Put Up and Shut Up
  • PUC

    Pants up crack
  • PUG

    Pick Up Group
  • PUKS

    Pick up the kids

    People of Utterly No Tactical Significance

    Put yourself in my position
  • PV

    Private viewing
  • PVC

    Player versus computer
  • PVE

    Player versus Environment
  • PVP

    Player versus Player
  • PVT

  • PW

    Persistent World
  • PWBS

    Please Write Back Soon

    People Who Don't Use Computers

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
  • PWN

  • PSO

    Product Superior to Operator
  • PSOG

    Pure stroke of genius
  • PSOS

    Parent standing over shoulder
  • PSP

    PlayStation Portable
  • PST

    Please Send Tell
  • PTB

    Powers That Be
  • PTH

    Prime Tanning Hours
  • PTHC

    Pre Teen Hard Core

    Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

    Punch The Keys For God's Sake
  • PTL

    Praise the Lord

    Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition
  • PTM

    Please Tell Me
  • PTMM

    Please Tell Me More
  • PTMY

    Pleased To Meet You

    Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
  • PTO

    Power Take Off Unit
  • PTP

    Pardon The Pun

    Pat The Pissed Off Primate
  • PTSB

    Pass the sick bucket
  • POW

    Problem Older Woman
  • PP

    A slang term for "penis", often used by children to avoid cursing/filters.
  • PPDA

    Parents pacing de area
  • PPL

  • PPLE

  • PPTM

    Please Tell Me More
  • PPU

    Pending pick-up
  • PPV

  • PRL

    Parents are listening


    Defintion (101) Referring too 2 people You & I / Me & You / Us In my life it about 101. 101 in the selfie! When it comes too 101 we are the best of friends. It only about 101 in this relationship. 101 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram !

    Proper Respect
  • PRT

    Please Retweet
  • PRVT

  • PRW

    Parents Are Watching
  • PS

    Permanent/Principal Secretary
  • PSA

    Public Show Of Affection
  • PSB

    Pretty Stupid Boy
  • PSG

    Pretty Stupid Girl

    Persons skilled in the art
  • POJ

    Piece Of Junk
  • POM

    Phase Of the Moon
  • POMS

    Peace out my sucka
  • PONA

    Person Of No Account
  • POOF

    I have left the chat
  • POS

    Power of suggestion

  • POSC

    Piece Of Shit Computer

    Persons of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
  • POTB

    Pat on the back
  • POTC

    Pirates of the Caribbean
  • POTO

    Phantom of the Opera
  • POTS

    Pretty Old Tired Stuff

    Piece of totally useless shit..
  • POTW

    Project Of The Week
  • POV

    A slang initialism for "Point of view", used to reference to pictures or footage from someone's particular position.

    Put On A Happy Face
  • POAK

    Passed Out At Keyboard
  • POC

    A slang initialism for "Person of Color", referring to anyone who is not white.
  • POED

    Pissed off

    Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth
  • PMJI

    Pardon My Jumping In
  • PML

    Pissing Myself Laughing
  • PMP

    Peeing My Pants
  • PMPL

    Piss my pants laughing
  • PMPO

    Peak Music Power Output
  • PMS

    Pre Menstrual Stress

    Practical Money Skills for Life
  • PMSL

    Pissing Myself Laughing

    Pick Me Up Off The Floor

    Putting more wood on the fire

    Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    Pay No Attention To Man Behind the Curtain

    Please, No Cursing Allowed Here
  • PND

    Possibly Not Definitely
  • PNFO

    Probably Not For the Office
  • PNP

    Party and Play

    Probably Not Safe For Work
  • PO

    An acronym for "Piss Off" or "Pissed Off".
  • PLOX

  • PLS

  • PLU

    Price look-up
  • PLUR

    Peace Love Unity And Respect
  • PLZ


    Please read

    Please tell me
  • PM

    An slang initialism for "Private Message", a 1-on-1 message online.
  • PMA

    positive mental attitude
  • PMBI

    Pardon My Butting In
  • PMBT

    Past My Bed Time
  • PMF

    Pure Freaking Magic

    Pardon Me For Butting In

    Pardon Me For Being Rude
  • PMFI

    Problem Magically Fixed Itself

    Pardon Me For Jumping In

    Pardon me for jumping in but

    Pardon Me For Jumping In Here

    Pardon Me For Saying It
  • PMH

    Pre-Menstrual Horniness; a term commonly used by women going through menapause, also known as "Cougars". Also used by women before they get their period (a symptom of PMS) when they get horny during PMS
  • PISS

    Put in some sugar
  • PITA

    Pain in the Ass

    Put It in Their Back Yard

    Peace In The Middle East My Brother Of Another Mother

    Personal joke, don't worry yourself
  • PK

    Public kiss
  • PKB

    Pot Kettle Black
  • PKOL

    Passionate Kiss On the Lips
  • PL

    Punch line
  • PL&

  • PL0X

  • PL8


    Problem Lies Between Keyboard And Chair
  • PLC

  • PLD

  • PLEB

    Slang shortening of the word plebeian, the ancient Roman word for commoner. Used to refer to someone who cannot appreciate the finer things in life or the arts.
  • PLJ

    Peace, love, joy
  • PLMK

    Please Let Me Know

    Please Let Me Know Ok

    Press Lots Of Keys To Abort

    Pig In A Pant Suit
  • PIAS

    Play It Again Sam
  • PIAV

    Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values

    Problem is between keyboard and chair

    Prevention is better than cure
  • PIC

    An abbreviation of the word picture.

    Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
  • PIF

    Paid In Full
  • PIMB

    Pain in my butt

    Please In My Back Yard
  • PIMF

    Pairs in Metal Foil

    Please In My Front Yard
  • PIMP

    An acronym for the slang phrase "Peeing In My Pants" — used to express how funny or terrifying you find something.

    Peeing In My Pants Laughing
  • PIN

    Person In Need
  • PINO

    President In Name Only
  • PIO

    Pass it on
  • PIOG

    Posted in other groups
  • PIP

    Peeing in pants
  • PIR

    People in room

    Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

    Problem Exists Between Monitor And Chair

  • PEGA

    Pilot Error Go Around

    Press Every Key Until Something Happens

    Refers to the Spanish word for "stupid" — usually applied to a person who is acting foolish.
  • PEST

    Please Excuse Slow Typing
  • PF

    Personal Favourite
  • PFA

    Please Find Attached. This is generally for emails, pointing out that you attached whatever document, image or spreadsheet you're talking about.
  • PFC

    Pretty Fucking Cold
  • PFO

    Pissed and fell over
  • PFR

    Plasma, Frag, Rocket
  • PFT

    Pretty fucking tight
  • PG

    pretty good
  • PGP

    Pretty Good Privacy
  • PHAT

    An acronym that means several things including "Pretty Hot and Thick", "Pretty Hot and Tempting". Can also describe a positive "fat" or thicc.
  • PHB

    Pointy Haired Boss

    Primary Home Language Other Than English
  • PHOS

    Parent Hovering Over Shoulder
  • PHS

    Pointy Haired Stupidvisor
  • PBM

    Play By Mail
  • PC

    Player Character
  • PC4PC

    Picture comment for picture comment
  • PCB

    Please Call Back
  • PCID

    Putting clothes in dryer
  • PCM

    Please Call Me
  • PCO

    Please Carry On

    Please Cross Your Legs, I Have Only One Nail Left
  • PD

    Public Domain
  • PDA

    public display of affection
  • PDH

    Pretty darn hot

    Pulled directly out of my ass

    Please Don't Publish My Email Address
  • PDQ

    Pretty Darn Quick
  • PDS

    Please Don't Shout

    Please Don't Shoot The Messenger
  • PDT

    Pacific Daylight Time

    Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer

    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

    Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
  • P3N15

    Just means penis.
  • P911

    Parent Alert
  • PA

    Parent alert
  • PABG

    Pack A Big Gun
  • PAL

    Parents Are Listening
  • PANS

    Pretty Awesome New Stuff

    rolling papers; specifically rolling papers for a marijuana cigarette or joint. Papes is a common expression used among stoners to refer to anything you can roll a joint with.

    People Always Remember Iron Structure
  • PAT

  • PAW

    Parents Are Watching
  • PAWG

    Most often means "phat ass white girl"
  • PAX

    Peace and Love
  • PAYE

    Pay As You Earn
  • PAYG

    Pay As You Go
  • PB

    potty break
  • PB&J

    Peanutbutter and Jelly
  • PBB

    Parent Behind Back

    Problem Between Chair and Keyboard
  • PBEM

    Play By EMail
  • PBJ

    Pretty Boy Jock
  • P

    Penny, pence
  • P!ATD

    Panic! At The Disco (band)
  • P&C

    Point and Click
  • P)

  • P.I.C.

    Partner In Crime
  • P/U

    Pick Up
  • P/X

    Part exchange
  • P2C2E

    Process Too Complicated Too Explain
  • P2P

    Person to Person

    Peace To You For You Are A Cutie Pie
  • P2W

  • POGS

    a flippable piece of cardboard from the 90's